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25 Dec 1762
Per Sterling Yancey Bible, Sterling Yancey was born.

12 Aug 1770
Per Sterling Yancey Bible, Betsey Williams [wife of Sterling Yancey] was born.

2 Dec 1785
Granville County, N. C. Wills and Estate Records, Book 1, page 477:John Mitchel and Philis Mitchel as guardians and executors of William Williams' estate, deceased, deliver to Sterling Yancey and Betsey Yancey, his wife, negroes and other personal estate due them from William Williams' estate--negroes Hanna and James. Wts: Gideon Macon, S. Snead.

2 Dec 1785
Granville County, N. C. Wills and Estate Records, Book 1, page 478:John Mitchel gave to his son-in-law Sterling Yancey negroes Toby and Wilks, as gift. Wts: S. Smith, Gideon Macon.

8 Feb 1786
Granville Co. Apprentice Bonds 1780-1789, NC State Archives:M. Hunt on behalf of Justices bound "Rebecka base born Child of Sarah Edwards" to Sterling Yancey until she shall arrive at the age of eighteen years. Per the agreement, Sterling Y. agreed to teach her (or have her taught) how to read and write. [What appeared to be Sterling Yancey's own signature was on this document.]

8 Feb 1786
Granville County, N. C. Wills and Estate Records, Book 1, page 465:Sterling Yancey and John Mitchel, Guardian of Betsey Williams, now Betsey Yancey, wife of Sterling Yancey, agree that estate of said Betsey is clear and that it is to be turned over to Sterling Yancey, it being her part of her father William Williams's (deceased) estate. Wts: John Webb.

5 June 1786
Granville Co. Deed Book O, page 457:Sterling Yancey bought from Thorton Yancey 342 1/2 acres of land in Granville Co., N. C., for 200 pounds. Signed--Thorton Yancey. Wit: William Yancey, ? Yancey.

"State Census of N. C., 1784-1787" by Mrs. A. K. Register, p. 55:Sterling Yancey listed in Oxford District, 1786, as Head of Household, with 1 WM 21-60, no WM under 21 & above 60, 2 WF all ages, 2 Blacks 12-50, 2 Blacks under 12 & above 50, Total of 7.

First United States Census:Sterling Yancey listed in the First United States Census, of 1790, as being in the Henderson District of Granville County, N. C., No family details given.

10 JAN 1791
Granville County, N. C., Wills and Estate Records, Book 2, page 318, 319:Elizabeth Yancey mentioned in the will of her mother, Phillis Mitchel. Left a slave, bed, chest, looking glass, horse for her lifetime, then the negro to go to her eldest child then living.

2 AUG 1791
Granville Co. Apprentice Bonds, 1790-1795, NC State Archives:Thomas Satterwhite, on behalf of the Justice of Co., bounded to Sterling Yancey "one base born man child got on the body of Cate Smith known by the name of Anderson Smith." to learn the "art and mistery of Husbandry." [What appeared to be Sterling Yancey's own signature was on this document.]

1792 to 1795
Court Minutes of Granville County, N. C., 1746-1820 by Gwynn:p. 323-Sterling Yancey appointed Guardian to Benjamin, Thomas, Jobez, Rachel, Elizabeth, Samuel, and Sarah Duty, infant orphans of Richard Duty, Sr., deceased and attend laying off of Richard Duty, Jr.'s share of estate.p. 161-Sterling Yancey appointed treasurer.p. 324-Lewis Yancey appointed sheriff and Sterling Yancey reappointed county treasurer.p. 395-Sterling Yancey involved with Richard Duty estate.p. 100, 101, 102-Sterling Yancey elected treasurer.

MAY 1793
Granville County, N. C., Wills and Estate Records, Book 3, page 65:Settlement with trustee for taxes collected 1791. Signed by Sterling Yancey and Thomas Owens, Justices of county.

5 DEC 1794
Mecklenburg Co., Va., Will Book 4, page 1:James Yancey and Sterling Yancey examined and approved account and division of estate of John Jones. One of the recepients of the estate was Philadelphia Yancey, wife of Robert Yancey.

3 NOV 1795
Granville Co. Deed Book P, page 235:Sterling Yancey sold to Michael Williamson for 12 pounds 20 acres in Granville Co. Mentions that property is on state line. It is part of property Sterling bought from Thorton Yancey in 1786.

28 NOV 1796
Hicks History of Granville Co.-Marriage Bonds by Hummelp 94-(2640)-Sterling Yancey made bond for marriage of Missaniah Howard to George Tapp.

28 MAR 1796
Granville County, N. C., Potpourri by Virginia Reavis Lyle, 1969:p. 177-Yancey, S. C.-Bondsman for Marriage of George Tapp and Massaniah Howard.

NOT SURE OF REFERENCE Sterling Yancey, Treasr. Feb. 1797.

3 NOV 1797
p 110, "Kinfolks of Granville County North Carolina" by Gwynn:Deedbook Q, p. 149--George Culberson of Mecklenburg Co, deed to Edward Jones for part of a tract which Sterling Yancey now possesses, Nov. 3, 1797.

MAY 1798
Granville Co. Apprentice Bonds, NC State Archives:Sterling Yancey of Granville Co, placed Rainey Bass about eight yrs of age as an apprentice to James W. Smith, Esq. Signed by Sterling and Jas W. Smith. (It did not say that Sterling was acting for a court.)

15 NOV 1798
Hicks History of Granville County, N. C.-Marriage Bonds by Hummel:p. 184-Sterling Yancey made bond for Marriage of Sarah Stovall to Tryon Yancey.

United States Census of 1800:In the 1800 Census, Sterling Yancey listed in Granville County, N. C., with five boys under ten, and one male 26 to 45. Also with one girl under 10 and one female 26 to 45. Also listed were 7 slaves.

2 AUG 1800
Granville Co. Deedbook Q, page 362:Lewis Yancey sells to his son Henry Yancey something for 5 pounds. Wit: William Yancey and Sterling Yancey.

18 OCT 1800
Granville Co. Wills and Estate Records, Book 5, page 105:Sterling Yancey witnessed Francis Bressie to John Bressie transaction.

7 April 1802
Mecklenburg Co., Va., Deedbook 11, page 170:Sterling Yancey witnessed sale by Thorton Yancey, Sr. to his Daughter Betsey Yancey for $20 one negro girl named Dycey aged about 9 Mos. Other Wit: Wylie Yancey, and Robert Williamson.

30 JUNE 1802
Halifax Co., Va., Deedbook 19, p 349:An indenture, "tripartiti." Ahab Overby deeded in trust to Sterling Yancey two negroes: Ned, a blacksmith, and Ned, a boy, for a debt owed to William Yancey Jr. Overby was from halifax, Co., William Yancey, Jr. was from Halifax Co., and Sterling Yancey was from Granville Co., NC.

6 AUG 1802
Granville Co. Apprentice Bonds, NC State Archives:Sterling Yancey and James W. Smith bounded for a apprentice of colour named Anderson Smith.--Granville Co. Typical Sterling Yancey signature with different ink than used for rest of document. Smith signature look like same ink and handwriting as document.

19 NOV 1802
Granville Co. Deedbook 4, page 128:Tryon Yancey sold to Phillip Yancey land in Granville Co. Wit: Sterling Yancey and Zecharias Yancey.

3 JAN 1803
Granville Co. Deedbook R, page 155:Lewis Yancey sells land to Henry Yancey. Wit: Sterling Yancey, and Jaconias Yancey.

16 JAN 1804
Mecklenburg Co., Va., Deedbook 12, page 27:Thomas Yancey, Sen. and Thorton Yancey (son of Calo Thorton Yancey) sold to Sterling Yancey for 35 pounds, 70 acres of land, adjoining land of Robert Gill, Calo Thorton Yancey, John Chandler, Philip Bailey. Wit: Benjamin Harris, Absolam Harvey, and Philip Yancey, Sen.

31 JULY 1804
Mecklenburg Co., Va., Deedbook 12, page 150:Robert Chandler sold 130 acres of land to Sterling Yancey. Adjacent to land of Col. Thorton Yancey, Sir Peyton Skipwith, Phil Hailey and others. Known by the name of John Chandler Land.

12 OCT 1804
Granville Co. Willbook 7, page 104:Sterling Yancey participant (witness maybe) to a court proceeding.

16 DEC 1804
Pittsylvania Co., Va., Court Records, Book 12, p. 490:Sterling Yancey won a judgement against James Yancey for a debt dated 16 Dec 1804. James Yancey did not show up for court and the judge ruled in favor of Sterling Yancey. A Mr. Wilson represented Sterling Yancey.

8 JULY 1805
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 12, page 245:Thorton Yancey and Hartwell Parrish bonded to Elizabeth Parrish, Administrator of John Parrish. Wit: Sterling Yancey and others.

On same page: Thomas Yancey, Jr., Thomas Yancey, Sr., and Thorton Yancey, Sr., bonded to Elizabeth Parrish. Thomas Yancey, Sr. has received the right of his wife, Mary, legacy of estate of John Parrish. Thomas Yancey, Jr., mentioned in will of John Parrish. Wit: Sterling Yancey.

8 JULY 1805
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 12, page 241:Court order to Thorton Yancey and John Lewis to talk to Winefred Yancey, wife of Thomas Yancey and talk to Tabetha Yancey, wife of Thorton Yancey to determine if they freely relinquish right to 70 acres of land their husbands sold to Sterling Yancey. Thorton Yancey and John Lewis signed that they did meet with women not in presence of their husbands in dwelling house of Sterling Yancey. They did get statements of relinquishments.(NOTE: This proves the existence of two Thorton Yanceys--One of them is son of Col Thorton Yancey).

FEB 1806
Granville Co, N. C., Willbook 6, page 256:Sterling Yancey, Treasurer of Public Buildings, makes report.

18 JUN 1806
Pittsylvania Co., Chatham, Va., Court records, book 12, p. 190:Sterling Yancey, Plaintiff; James Chavis, Defendant. The defendant being summoned and not appearing altho solemnly called, on the motion of the plaintiff by his attorney, it is considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the defendant the sum of five pounds four shillings and one penny half penny the debt in the petition mentioned, with interest thereon at six per centum per annum from the 17th day of December 1804 till payment, together with his cost by him in this behalf expense.

10 NOV 1806
Mecklenburg Co., Va., Deedbook 13, page 128:Richard Jones, Sterling Yancey, and Henry H. Dedman made bond of $500 to Gov. William Cabell.

AUG 1807
Pittsylvania Co., Va., Court Records, book 12, p. 539:A Mr. Wilson represented Sterling Yancey in a claim against James Yancey and John Fuqua. The judge ruled in favor of Sterling Yancey.

23 SEP 1807
Mecklenburg Co., Va., Deedbook 13, page 501:Thorton Yancey, Sen. sold negroes, horses, and furniture to Sterling Yancey and Tryon Yancey for 157 pounds, 4 shillings, 7 pence, and 3 farthings-Virginia currency. Sold Following--1 negro woman, Luce; 1 negro man, Tom; one bed and furniture; one bay mare; one flag cott (colt); 4 head cattle; 7 head hogs; 5 chairs; 2 fine (or pine) tables; one do chert (?); one spinning wheel; one pair hand mill stones and frame; sundry plantation utensils; one pine cupboard; sundry kitchen furniture. Signed Thorton Yancey, Sen. Wit: Thorton Yancey, Jr., Jackson A. Yancey, and Eldridge Dandyant.

Halifax Co., Va., Court records, Book 26, p. 39. Sterling Yancey defendant in case to reopen road Hico River to Skipwiths Ferry:

Ordered that the petition of Sterling Yancey for a new road to be opened from the road below Hico Bridge near John Griffin ? into the road leading to Sir Payton Skipwiths ferry be dismissed for want of Prosecution." Case was dismissed.

22 ? 1808
Mecklenburg Co. Deebook 14, page 4:Thorton Yancey, Sr. and Elizabeth Yancey, his wife sold to James Birchett for 87 pounds, 174 acres beginning at Sterling Yancey's corner, ETC. Mentions Hunt's line, mentions Birchett's corner. Signed by Thorton Yancey, mark of Elizabeth E. Yancey. Wit: Sterling Yancey, Thomas Dance Thorton Puryear, Minge Yancey.

24 NOV 1808
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, page 15:Thorton Yancey, Sr. sold to Tryon Yancey 170 acres for $500 in Mecklenburg Co. adjoining lands of James Birchett, William Baker, Jachonias Yancey, William Hunt, being all the land Thorton Yancey, Sr. owns in Mecklenburg Co. Wit: Sterling Yancey, Thomas Yancey, Sen., Thorton Yancey, Jr., and Samuel C. Brame.

8 DEC 1808
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, page 325:Thomas Tillotson sold 30 acres to Thorton Yancey, Sen. adjacent to land of Robert Yancey, Sen. and Robert Chandler. Wit: Sterling Yancey, Thomas Yancey, Jr., Minge Yancey, and Tryon Yancey.

14 AUG 1809
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, page 126:Bond of $500 for Tryon Yancey-Constable. Signed by Tryon Yancey, Sterling Yancey, and Samuel C. Brame.

11 SEP 1809
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, page 126:Deed--Grantor-Sterling and Thorton Yancey-Grantee-Edward Jones. Sterling and Thorton Yancey, Sr. acted for courts to sell a partial of land under disagreement.

16 NOV 1809
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, page 292:Sterling Yancey and Betsey Yancey, his wife, sold to John Wilson for $1500, 200 acres in Mecklenburg Co. adjoining land of James Birchett, William Hunt, Robert Gill, Philip Hailey. Known by name of Sterlingville, it being land purchased of Thomas Yancey and Robert Chandler. Wit: Joseph Townes, George Moore, Mathew Chandler, Thorton Yancey.

Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, page 293:Joseph Townes and Thorton Yancey got Betsey Yancey's relinquishment of dower rights to 200 acres sold by her and Sterling Yancey.

United States Census of 1810: Sterling Yancey listed in Fayetteville, Cumberland Co, N. C., with one boy under 10, two boys 10 to 16, two boys 16 to 26, and one male over 45. Also with one girl 10 to 16 and one female 26 to 45. Also listed was 1 free black and 12 slaves.

8 JAN 1810
Mecklenburg Co. Deedbook 14, page 197:

Court request, dated 12 AUG 1805. Request made to Jos Townes and Thorton Yancey. Stated that 31 July 1804 Robert Chandler sold to Sterling Yancey Approx. 130 acres of land in Mecklenburg Co. Lucresy Chandler unable to come to court. Court asked Thorton Yancey and Los Townes to get personal statement from Lucresy that she relinquishes her right of dower to land. Her husband should not be present. Mentioned Thorton Yancey, Sen.'s wife Tabitha is entitled to a right of dower to said land. She is also unable to travel to court. On 4 DEC 1809 Jas Townes and Thorton Yancey sign a statement that they met in the house of Sterling Yancey and Lucresy relinquished her right to land. Accepted by court 8 JAN 1810. (NOTE by A. H. S.--I believe that above Thorton Yancey, Sen. is son of one Col Thorton Yancey.)

21 May 1810
Mecklenburg Co., Va., deedbook 14, page 263:Thorton Puryear deeded land and negro, Phill, to James Birchett, Samuel C. Brame, and Sterling Yancey. Land ajoined land of Gray Hollow and John Baynes. Property associated with will of Thorton Puryear's father William. Wit: Edmond R. Moss (?), Sally T. Williams, Elizabeth Ann Williams.

15 OCT 1810
Mecklenburg Co, Va., Deedbook 14, page 325:Thomas Tillotson sold 30 acres to Thorton Yancey, Sen. Indenture made 8 DEC 1808. Wit: Sterling Yancey, Thomas Yancey, Jr., Minge Yancey, Tryon Yancey.

14 AUG 1811
Granville Co, Deedbook V, page 264:Sterling Yancey sold to Mathew Chandler 322 1/2 acres of land in Granville Co. for $645. The description memtions Aaron Creek. Also joined land of Philip Yancey, deceased. Description fits as a portion of property Sterling bought of Thorton Yancey. Also sounds as if property is located on the N. C.-Va. line. Wit: Minge Yancey.

AUG 1811
Granville Co., N. C. Willbook L, pages 195 and 196:Sterling Yancey, Thornton Yancey, Jr., and Tryon Yancey mentioned in accounting of estate of Phillip Yancey.

"Wake Capital County of NC, Vol I" by Elizabeth Reid Murry:p 154In association with defense of during the War of 1812. "Meanwhile, Raleigh's intendant of police, Sterling Yancey, called a town meeting at the statehouse to plan for local defense, should it become necessary."

"Wake Capital County of NC, Vol I" by Elizabeth Reid Murry:In Appendix D, Mayors (Intendants of Police of Raleigh, 1795- 1870's. Sterling Yancey is listed as holding the office 1813-1814. Mark Cooke held the office 1817-? (2nd date not given).

6 AUG 1813
"The Star", Raleigh, NC newspaper:" For Sale., In the city of raleigh, two LOTS, well improved, convenient to a fine spring, and in an excellent neighborhood, and well situated for the convenience of private families, one of them, including two acres, is a most elegant seat, the other has not as much ground attached to it.--Apply to STERLING YANCEY.

10 FEB 1814
Wake County, NC, Deed RecordsMinge Yancey sold personal items for a debt owed Sterling Yancey. Both were from City of Raleigh. One Thomas Henderson was involved as was the Bank of NC.

2 AUG 1814
"Abstract of Vital Records from Raleigh, N. C. Newspapers (1799-1819)" by Lois Smathers Neal:p. 5545198 [Yancey] Yancy: M. in this city on Thurs evening, the 2D Inst., by the Rev. Mr. M'Pheeters, Mr. Jas. Madison Yancy, to Miss Eliza Caroline Slade. RM Fri 12 Aug 1814 3:4/ RR Fri 5 Aug 1814 3:5/ RANCHSW Fri 5 Aug 1814 123:4.MB. Wake Co. Yancey, J(ames) M.____1 AUG 1814. Bev(erly) Daniel.

5 JAN 1815
Abstract of Vital Records from Raleigh, N. C. Newspapers (1799-1819) by Lois Smathers Neal:p. 5555201 Yancey: D. in this city, on the 5th Inst., Mr. Sterling Yancey, Esq. RR (Raleigh Register) FRI 27 JAN 1815 3:5/ RANCSW FRI 20 JAN 1815 11:4.

13 JAN 1815
On Microfilm, NC State Archives, Raleigh Register Frid Jan 13, 1815:Jas. M. Yancey announced the opening of Union Tavern--"arrangements have been made as will engage me a constant supply of the best Liquors, F???, and every other article represite and conducive to comfort and satisfaction." [James Madison Yancey is son of Sterling Yancey.]

3 FEB 1815
On Microfilm, NC State Archives, RR Fri Feb. 3, 1815, p. 4: "UNION TAVERN Having taken that commodious and ? Establishment formallly called the "Indian Queen" and kept by Capt. Scott in the city of Raleigh--I intend opening the same for the accomodation of Boarders, Travellers, and Visitors on the 18th inst. Such arrangements have been made that will ensure me a constant supply of the best Liquors, Forage, and every other article requisite and conductive to comfort and satisfaction. A few gentile Boarders will be taken on reasonable terms. JAS. M. YANCEY. 12 January 1815.31 MAR 1815-"The Star"Fri Mar 31, 1815, p 1 col 2:"NOTICE,. At the last Term of Wake County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, the subscriber was duly appointed by the said Court Administrator of the estate of Sterling Yancey, Esquire, dece'd. late of the city of Raleigh, he therefore gives this public notice to all those having claims against the said dec'd to bring them forward properly authenticated within the time prescribed by the several acts of assembly made and provided on the subject of ? wills and granting letters of administration on the estate intestates-otherwise this notice will be placed in bar of a recovery-Those indebted to the estate are hereby notified and requested to make immidiate payment, as the situation of the estate will will not admit of indulgence.
Raleigh, 28th Mch. 1815."

14 APR 1815
"THE STAR"Fri Apr 14, 1815, p 1 col 2:"NOTICE, That on Saturday, the 15th of May next, at the market-house, in the city of Raleigh, will be sold at public sale, to the highest bidder, the residue of the personal estate of Sterling Yancey, deceased, consisting of four likely young negroes--some household and kitchen furniture, etc., etc. six months credit will be allowed on all sums over four dollars--the purchasers giving bond, with approved security.
M. Cook, Administrator. of Sterling Yancey, deceased. April 6th, 1815."

May 1815
Estate Records in the N. C. Archives, State Library, Raleigh, N. C.:Several documents exist associated with the estate of Sterling Yancey. He died without a will. He owed money on two lots in Raleigh, lots no. 267 and 268. Elizabeth Yancey, his wife, making petitions to maintain possession of the lots. One Mark Cook appears to be a lawyer representing her. She gives him power of attorney to administer the estate. Some of documents have her original signature on them--also signature of J. M. Yancey. Children of Sterling Yancey listed as follows--Minge, Lewis, James M., Elizabeth, George Washington, and Albert. Listed as minor under the age of 21 are James M., Elizabeth, George Washington, and Albert who are represented by Lewis Yancey as their guardian.

18 AUG 1815
Abstract of Vital Records from Raleight, N. C., Newspapers (1799-1819) by Lois Smathers Neal:p. 5545197 Yancey: D. in this city, on Saturday last, Mrs. Eliza Yancey, wife of Mr. James M. Yancey. RR Fri 18 AUG 1815 3:5/RM Fri 18 AUG 1815 3:4.----Wife of Mr. James M. Yancey of the Union Tavern. RANCSW Fri 18 AUG 1815 3:4.

29 SEP 1815
Abstract of Vital Records from Raleight, N. C., Newspapers (1799-1819) by Lois Smathers Neal:p. 4354075 Royster: D. in this city on Saturday Last, Mr. John Royster, barkeeper of the Union Tavern. RR Fri 29 SEPT 1815 3:3/RANCSW Fri 29 SEPT 1819 (?) 3:4.-----at Mr. Yancey's Tavern----on the 23d Inst., Mr. John Royster, of Granville County. RM Fri 29 SEPT 1815 3:4.

27 NOV 1815
Wake Co. Deedbook 1, page 42.Elizabeth Yancey bought back for taxes two lots in Raleigh, N. C., Lots No. 267 and 268, Approx. 2 acres. In eastern ward of Raleigh, bordered on east by Person St., on North by North St., and West by Blount St., and on South by Love St. Taxes were $4.50 and Elizabeth Yancey bought property back for that amount.

18 July 1816
Wake Co. Deedbook 1, page 1:Lewis Yancey of city of Raleigh bound 2 slaves as security to Mark Cook and others. Slaves named Labittia, a girl, Approx. 12 Yrs.; and Edmond, a boy, Approx. 12 Yrs.

Map Records; NC Archives:An old map, dated 1817, shows Eliz. Yancey as owner of lots 267 and 268 in City of Raleigh, NC. These two lots are approx. 1 acres each and together make up the block that in 1994 is the lot directly north of the Governor's Mansion. The block is bounded by North, Person, Blount, and Lane Streets.

2 APR 1817
Abstract of Vital Records from Raleight, N. C., Newspapers (1799-1819) by Lois Smathers Neal:p. 5555200 Yancey: M. on the 2D Inst., by the Rev. Mr. M'Pheeters, Mr. Lewis Yancey to Miss Harriet J. Casso, all of this city. RM Fri 4 APR 1817 3:3.

22 APR 1817
Granville Co., N. C. Willbook 8, pages 259 and 260:Elizabeth Yancey witness to will of Charles Williams.

10 DEC 1817
Abstract of Vital Records from Raleight, N. C., Newspapers (1799-1819) by Lois Smathers Neal:p. 5555199 Yancey: M. on the 10th Inst., in Murfreesboro, Mr. James M. Yancey to Mrs. Nancey Smith. RM Fri 26 DEC 1817 3:4.

In the 1820 Wake County tax list is Elizabeth Yancey and Lewis Yancey, from a 1974 Index compiled by Dorothy Williams Potter.

Yanceys in index to 1820 Mecklenburg Co., Va., census:

Charles Hezekiah James John John B. Zachariah1822-"Wake Capital County of NC, Vol I" by Elizabeth Reid Murry:p. 437-In associated with a Yellow Fever epidemic, "Even at the height of the epidemic, kindness to strangers was a characteristic of local families noted by some who experienced it. A grateful David Swain in letter to his Asheville family praised especially his landlady, Mrs. Elizabeth Yancey, the widow of a former Raleigh intendant of police."1825-On p. 25 of Lloyd Russell Garrison's "Some Yancey Notes," published in 1960, he states that from Francis B. Hayes' notes he got the following: "1825 Elizabeth Yancey died March 11, Raleigh Register." [NOTE by A. H. S.-I later determined that this Elizabeth is daughter of Sterling Yancey. She died in Granville Co.]

20 OCT 1827
Wake Co. Deedbook 9, page 226:Deed dated 20 OCT 1827, Elizabeth Yancey of Granville Co., N. C., sold lots 267 and 268, Approx. 2 acres for $750 to William Polk of Raleigh. Signed by Elizabeth Yancey. Wit: Wm. H. Haywood and Ben Ragsdale. Deed recorded 11 APR 1830.

30 NOV 1829
"Marriages of Wake County, NC 1770-1868" by Holcomb. p. 354 Yancey, Albert & Susan Simmons, 30 Nov 1829; Anderson Page, bm.

18 DEC 1829
Wake Co. Deedbook 9, page 344:Dated 18 DEC 1829, James Cozart sold to Albert Yancey for $250, Approx. 100 acres in Wake Co. Recorded 1 July 1830.

The only children of Sterling Yancey recognized in the N. C. Census of 1830 is Albert Yancey listed in Wake Co. "Wake Co. Census & Tax List 1830 and 1840" by Wynne; p 230; Albert Yancey (only Yancey in index) 10.5 acres, value of 252; 1 poll; 2 slaves; amt=2.60 (for Lick Creek 1830) [Note by AHS: From the public records, I have gotten the impression that Albert Yancey became a medical doctor.]

7 SEP 1830
Wake Co. Deedbook 9, page 380:Dated 29 June 1830, Thomas Leigh owes Albert Yancey $20. Bonded Land. John Skipp to sell land if debt not paid.