Information concerning
the origin of various Yancys of early Texas

as well as information
on Archelaus & Stephen Yancey of Louisa Co., VA

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In the book "Yancy, Caddell and Allied Families" By Ila M. Conner published in 1959 reference is made to various Yancy (spelled without the "e") families of Texas who descend from one John Yancy (1815-1868) and his wife Elizabeth McAnulty. They were married in 1837 in Texas. Much of the book seems to be based on Family documents and histories - some use of public / court records may have been used in gathering information for the book - but for the most part especially concerning the origin of the family - family documents & traditions seem to have been the main source of information. The book records the parents of this John as being "Archie & Mary Yancy" or Virginia - but gives NO information about them or any supportive citations or sources for this info. "Archie" in the Yancy/Yancey family in earlier days has usually been a shortening of either "Archelaus" or "Archibald". In fact there is record of one Archelaus Yancey (bn abt 1815) marrying a Maria Teresa Crawford in Rusk Co., TX in 1849. Some researchers believe that this may have been a brother of John (bn 1815). There is also record of one James Yancey (bn abt 1820) who married one Mary Wilson in 1843 in Rusk Co., TX. Another possible sibling is one Jane Yancey (bn abt 1816) who married a Mr. Darling Washington in 1846 in Rusk Co., TX.

It would seem most probable that the "Archie" referred to in the Yancy/Caddell book was an Archelaus Yancey - possible ancestor of John, James, Archelaus & Jane of Texas. Interestingly the name of Archelaus Yancey (although uncommon in the Yancey family) - can be found among the very earliest Yanceys in America. Charles Yancey (often recorded with wife Mary Bartlett) of Hanover County Virginia had a son named Archelaus who lived in Louisa County dying there in 1764 and leaving a will - his wife's name was Mary Yancey. Very little has been published about this branch of the family but a few select researchers have done some pretty extensive research on this line. This Archelaus Yancey did not record the names of his children in his will - but among them is thought to be an Archelaus Yancey Jr. (died 1795) who also married a lady by the name of Mary. The use of the name Archelaus Yancey is rather uncommon - and I have yet to find an Archelaus Yancey - that IS NOT a descendant of this Archelaus Yancey who died in Louisa County in 1764. (although there are a few cases of Archibald Yanceys in a few other branches of the family).

I would like to make a few suggestions as to possible theories as to the relationships and origins of these Yanceys of Rusk Co., TX.