SUBJECT: Information concerning Archelaus Yancey son of Charles is NOT found in most accounts of the Yancey family, so the compiler thought it would be a help to include in this compilation a letter written by Clarence L Yancey to Jean H Walker September 4, 1973. Clarence (deceased) was a descendant of Archelaus.


"This brings us to Archelaus Yancey, father of Tyree Yancey, and obviously there were two by this name. Volume 7, page 224, W & M Quarterly shows that on August 7, 1725 there was a deed from Charles Yancey, Sr. to his son Archelaus in New Hanover County. In Louisa County, we find on March 14, 1742 a deed from John Morris, to Archelaus Yancey of St Martains Parish, Louisa County, 80 acres on a branch of Little River called Horse Pen Swamp adjoining lands of Archelaus Yancey (Deed Book A pg 51). On July 25th 1749, Archelaus Yancey and his wife, Mary, deeded property to Samuel Dedman in Book A pg 353. On May 4, 1756, Archelaus Y. of St Martains Parish, Louisa County wrote his will leaving his property to his wife and children with Stephen Yancey and William Crenshaws executors. As you know, this will was probated 12 June 1764 - Will Book 1 Page 62, Of Louisa County. On November 28, 1758, we find a deed from Samuel Stiles to Archelaus Yancey in Deed Book B page 286. WDY points out that in 1770 Mary Y. is listed in St Martains Parish, Hanover County with eight tithe tables and 275 acres. On Januray 14, 1770, Samuel Temple conveyed land to Mary Yancey of St Martains Parish, Louisa County. Deed Book D1/2, page 261. I find in my notes reference to a deed from Charles Yancey and his son Archelaus Y. dated 3 July 1775, of "Horse Pen adjoining Edward Garland and Samuel Sexon" and I wonder if this is not an error as to the date. I do not know where this referance came from. I think that William D Yancey correctly shows the children of Archelaus, son of Charles, to be as follows: 1. Stephen 2. Archelaus Jr. 3. Henry 4. John 5. Tyree 6. Jemima 7. Nathan 8. Joel. Stephen is named in the will and I therefore assume that he was the oldest. . . . In 1784 Mary Yancey appointed her son , John, as her agent which establishes the status of John. WDY points out that Jemima has been established as a daughter through D.A.R. records. On April 17, 1781, Mary Yancey conveyed land to her son, Henry, in deed book E, page 362, and Henry's will was probated December 23 1784 (Will book 3, page 43) and he left property to his mother Mary, so this establishes him as a son. The will of Nathan Yancey, as WDY points out leaves his estate to his nephew, Nathan son of John, who was a brother to Nathan. Should the nephew Nathan die the estate was to go to his nephew Joel son of his brother Joel. The will is dated November 17, 1789, so this establishes Nathan, John, and Joel as brothers and sons of Archelaus. On August 15, 1784, Archelaus of Louisa County mortgaged to Charles Yancey of Louisa his interest in the estate of his father Archelaus, which establishes this second Archelaus as a son and this rounds out the family. On June 8, 1795, we find a deed from Archelaus Yancey and his wife , Mary, of Elizabeth City County by John Duke, agent to Thomas Walsh, in Book 1 page 44 Louisa County. On February 11th, 1799, we find a deed from Charles Yancey as administrator of the estate of Archelaus Yancey to John Kimbrough in Book I page 557 , Louisa County. The several actions for debts were obviously against Archelaus Jr., as they come along in the 1770's and Archelaus had died prior to June 12, 1764."

NOTE: The INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX - VIRGINIA records two other children not mentioned by Clarence L. Yancey - - Paulette and Elizabeth Yancey. It is the oppinion of the compiler that this info is in error.