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              Anway/Nanny Descendants by Judy Crandall  
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              Anway Family Society News  (Mark Anway)    
              Anway Family Graves (James Anway Decsendants)  - navigate the family tree by  clicking on the names
              Anway Family Graves (William Anway Decsendants)  - navigate the family tree by  clicking on the names
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            Nanney Family Archives
            Nanney/Anway Name change (Mark Anway)

General Anway Surname Info

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Rootsweb Databases * you should always cross check this data against primary sources to ensure validity.

            Anway Descendants - Ralph Edwards Rootsweb Database

            Anway Rootsweb entries
            Databases with Most Anway
            Databases with Anway in the title
            Anway Researchers

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           BLM Land Records
           Archive Grid

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Military Records

            Civil War Soldiers
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Other Sites
            Genforum - Anway
            Ancestry Anway Message Board

            The National Archives
            The Library of Congress
            Cindy's List
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            Anway-L - Message Board

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