Anway Family Society News -  a family quarterly from 2000-2011

Editions now available in pdf format - from either Dennis Yancey - or Mark Anway
Note: The Anway family traces their paternal line back to the Nanney Family  of Wales

Edition # Date Published Description of Main Content
1 2000 Who is who in our Newsletter
2 Oct 2000 Genealogy News
3 Jan 2001 An Anway Holiday Luncheon Review
4 Apr 2001 An Anway Memoir
5 July 2001 Ancestor - Ann Hutchinson
6 Oct 2001 Anway Lake, Walker Minnesota
7 Jan 2002 The Nanney/Anway Surname Corruption
8 Apr 2002 The Anway Family and The Civil War
9 Jul 2002 Charles Anway and the Yukon Gold rush
10 Oct 2002 1697 Colonel Huw Nanney Comes to America
11 Jan 2003 William Anway 1775-1848
12 Apr 2003 Katherine Nanney and the Archeology of the Central Artery Project
13 Aug 2003 James Anway, An American and Ohio Pioneer
14 Sep 2003 The Three Wives of Legrande Mead Anway
15 Jan 2004 The "Nanny" House
16 Apr 2004 Nannau Hall
17 Jul 2004 Turn of the Century Rockville, Indiana Football
18 Oct 2004 In Search of Their Final Resting Places [Anway Civil War Veteran Ancestors]
19 Jan 2005 The Case for David Nanny, A Revolutionary War Anway Family Relative
20 Apr 2005 America's Colonial and Pioneer Women and their recording of the Anway Family History
21 Jul 2005 Elias Anway - Civil War Hero
22 Sep 2005 The Nanney and Owen Family Feud
23 Jan 2006 The Battle of Sugar Point [Howard C. Anway, Leech Lake Steamboat Engineer ]
24 Mar 2006 Nicholas Anway - An Anway Civil War Veteran's April 10, 1887 Letter
25 Jul 2006 1. Howard C. Anway's Grave Marker Dedication /  2. Dr. Allen Anway's Photography /  3. Anway - Nanney DNA Project
26 Oct 2006 1. Lombard Street, Lumber and the Anway Family / 2. Looking for James Anway Dyer in Michigan
27 Jan 2007 1. (3) Degrees of Separation [Ella (Burt) (Chase) Anway's first husband's photographing the Unsinkable Molly Brown]   /  2. The Letters of S. B. Anway [1880]
28 Apr 2007 1. Meet the Nanna (s) Possibly Our Pennsylvania Cousins [1747-1811]        / 2. The Anway Fort [Colorado City Colorado, 1860(s)]
29 Jul 2007 1. The "Demon Oak" [Story of the slaying of Hwyel Selyf of Nannau by Owain Gwyn Dwr]    / 2. The Inventive Anway(s) [Patents applied for by members of the Anway Family, 1864-1969]
30 Oct 2007 The Adventure and Search for Julius C. Anway's final Resting Place [26th Ohio Volunteer Infantry]
31 Jan 2008 1. The Anway Family Surname Corruption ( a fifth and maybe the most credible theory) [The surname corruption from Nanney to Anway to       2. To All the Relatives of David Anway and Arlene Kings, especially [The story of the Lyman and Sophronia (Anway) Dyer family]
32 Mar 2008 1. Baseball, The World Series and The Anway Family [Three Anway generations photographed at the World Series]  /  2. Dick Anway and the 1939 Baseball Centennial Patch 
33 Jul 2008 1. The Anway(s) of Scipio Township, Seneca County, Ohio   / 2. Just Charles [Marcella Schenck's biographical sketch of Charles Anway of Lamoni, Iowa]
34 Sep 2008 The Anway Family's Religious and Political Affiliations through the Centuries (1401-Present]
35 Dec 2008 Dick Anway dies at age 84, An Only Son of an Only Son - The Celebration of a Life
36 Mar 2009 1. The Three Names and Three Wives of William Horton Nanny / 2. A Brief Record of the Dyer Boys in the War of the Rebellion (1861-1865)
37 Jun 2009 1. The Story and Evidence That Places Charles Anway at the Battle or Massacre at Wounded Knee   /    2. A Glimpse into the Mirror of Our Ancestry and Genealogical Past [John Halford Nanney's Photo (born in Hull England)]
38 Sep 2009 1. The Anway Family, its Descendants and the Oregon Trail 1852 / 2. The William Henry Anway Family in photos
39 Dec 2009 More Relations than a Dog Has Fleas [Charles Anway, Iowa Orphan to Oregon Trapper]
40 Mar 2010 Two 19th Century Attorneys, Wilmore Anway and Harrison Wheeler Nanny
41 Jun 2010 George Anway, Son of George, The War if 1812 and an Anway Family Land Dispute
42 Sep 2010 Two Vignettes, The Violinist and the Inventor [ Louise Nanney and Clifton Anway]
43 Dec 2010 Charles Anway, Streetcar Conductor, and the Michigan Supreme Court [A Landmark Case for Declaratory Judgment]
44 Mar 2011 Guillermo Nanne, The Prince of Powys and Chiquita Bananas on Your Cereal [A Biographical Sketch of William Heinrich Frederick Nanne]