Sharing your Family Tree with others

Many people use the FamilyTree service of to store and manage their family genealogical data.  However is a fee-based service - and  you cant just share a "url" (web link) from with your friends  and just expect that they can just click on it like any other link.    When they do click on the link - they will be required to log on to  (and it may be that they don't even have a paid account with    There is a facility, however, to share one's family tree with a person who is not an member.   Below are the steps to follow so you can "invite" a friend to see your tree in (giving them access to view and navigate the family tree - without having a paid account)



1. On the main tool bar under “Family Trees” select “Other”

2. All trees will be listed. On the one that you want select “Manage tree”

3. Select “Sharing”

4. All invitees listed - Select “+Invite People”

5. Select “Email” or Username” if they have Ancestry account.

6. Enter email or username, select role (privileges allowed), add personal note, and click on “Send invites”