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College of William & Mary  Alumni


Richard H Yancey 1790
David Yancey 1796

Mrs. Janet Yancey             1946
Mr. George D. Yancey          1970
Mrs. Jane T. Yancey           1971
Mr. Scott Garris Yancey, Jr.  1974
Margaret O. Yancey            1975
Mrs. Sandra Jeanne Yancey     1975
Mrs. Ann Yancey Herndon       1993
Ms. Sara Jane Reid            1997
Mr. Emmett Daniel Boaz Yancey, Jr.  1999
Mrs. Meredith Yancey Trojan   1999
Ms. Jacqueline Dianne Yancey  2004

Duke University Alumni (from W Sam Yancy - yancy002@mc.duke.edu)

Antronette Yancey MD, MPH 1983
Clyde C. Yancey AB 1948
Donna J. Yancey 1957
Gregory D. Yancey 1992
Henry A. Yancey, Jr. AB 1954
James H. Yancey, Jr. AB 1979
Karen E. Yancey (Karen M. Ebert) AB 1979
Margaret H. Yancey Dudley AB 1954
Michael V. Yancey MD 1974
William F. Yancey 1980
Yvonne C. Yancey Zavada 1989
Amy L. Yancy Mangum MSN 1996
Corinne M. Yancy (Corinne L. Mani) AB 1979
Elizabeth M. Yancy (Elizabeth Moss) AB 1991
Susan G. Yancy (Susan E. Guest) BSN 1965
William S. Yancy, Jr. AB 1991
William S. Yancy AB 1961 MD 1995

Anniversary Copy of the University of California System Yearbook 1860-1936. The Yancey/Yancy entries are:
(from Gilbertrme@aol.com )

Yancey, Helen S no address 1925
Yancey,Madeline Newman California did not graduate 1935
Yancey, Margauerite Berkeley California 1929

Louisville, KY Universities see: http://balder.kornhauser.louisville.edu/gfdb/y.asp

Augustine L Yancey - 1850 - University of Louisville
C H Yancey - 1877  Kentucky School of Medicine
Edward Yancey - 1851 - Kentucky School of Medicine
Samuel C Yancey - 1891 -  Kentucky School of Medicine
Charles Yancy - 1892 - Kentucky School of Medicine

Utah State University

Marvin Yancey - 1967
Merlin Yancey - 1967


College and University attendance by early members of the Yancey Family - pre 1850.

Though there may be a few names missing, this would seem to be a pretty comprehensive list.

Though when compared to all Yanceys who were born between 1700-1850 or so - the numbers may seem small compared to today's standards. The ratio I would think is pretty in line with the time period and place.

see also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Education_in_the_United_States

Yancey, Albert G  (1817-1887)
1841 University of Pennsylvania - Studied to be a Doctor
Practiced Medicine most of his life in Caswell County, NC

Yancey, Algernon Sidney (1816-1846)
of Caswell County, North Carolina
1836 - Attended Princeton
appears not to have graduated.

Yancey, Antonio Poma (1825-1854)
of Hertford County, North Carolina
1844 - Attended Yale College
Became a lawyer in Hertford County, NC
Died 1854

Yancey, Augustine L  (1824-1897)
1850 - University of Louisville  (Physician)

Yancey, Bartlett Jr. (1785-1828)
of Caswell County, North Carolina
1809 - Attended University of North Carolina
Became a lawyer & politician

Yancey, Benjamin Cudworth Sr.  (1783-1817)
Studied Law under Robert G Harper in Baltimore Maryland
Became a Lawyer

Yancey, Benjamin Cudworth Jr. (1817-1891)
1836 - University of Georgia,
1837 - Yale Law School
Became a Lawyer

Yancey, Charles Royster (1801-1860)
of Orange County, North Carolina
1819-1825 Attended University of Pennsylvania
Became a Doctor

Yancey, David (1777-1807)
Of Louisa County, VA - son of Charles & Mary Yancey
1796 -  Graduated William & Mary College
Became a Lawyer
1807 - Died after traveling to Kingston, Jamaica

Yaney, Edward  (1830-1865)
1851 - Kentucky School of Medicine,

Yancey, Edwin T (1820-1879)
No known record of any university attendance - but practiced medicine as a Doctor from about 1850-1879.

Yancey, Henry Graves (1806-????)
1842 University of Pennsylvania
Became a Doctor

Yancey, James (1752-1790)
Said to have studied law under Dr Pyles, South Carolina
No known record of university attendance - but became a Lawyer.
First attorney of Spartanburg, SC

John Yancey (1807-1886)
Family records indicate John went to England to study and became a Doctor.
Served as a surgeon in the Civil War

Yancey, Richard H  (1765-????)
Of Culpeper County, Virginia
Attended William & Mary College 1790
Apparently became a lawyer
[more info]

Yancey, Rev. Robert (1743-1777)
of Louisa County, Virginia
Attended New Jersey College (became Princeton) about 1767
Became a Priest - after being ordained by Bishop of London

Yancey, Rufus Augustus (1809-1829)
Of Caswell County, North Carolina
Graduated University of North Carolina 1829
Died 1829

Yancey, Thomas Alexander (1831-1888)
1853 graduated from Jefferson College, Pennsylvania as a Doctor.

Yancey, Tryon Milton (1794-????)
of Caswell County, North Carolina and later Giles County, Tennessee
Graduated University of North Carolina 1814
Became a Lawyer

William Yancey (1740-1803)
No known record of any university attendance - but family records indicate he was a Doctor.

Yancey, William Lowndes (1814-1863)
Attended Troy and Williams College - but left before graduating to study law with Benjamin F Perry
Became a lawyer & politician


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