Genealogical Research
of Alice Yancey
(daughter of Adam & Alice Tolman Yancey)
see also the Adam Yancey Family Document Inventory


  Link Description/Notes
1 Portions of Alice Yanceys Book of Remembrance - xerox copy
2 Contains a flyer from Yancey County, North Carolina
3 Research notes and letters
4 Places using name Yancey
5 Research notes and letters
6 Research notes and letters
7 Research notes on William Lowndes Yancey and others
8 Letter concerning Elizabeth W Moyle
9 Letter from James Henry Moyle
10 Extract notes from various books
11 Extract notes from various books
12 Diary of Adam Yancey while on mission
13 Article on the Utah War  (Hiram Yancey left a Harriet at about this time)