From a letter written by Dennis Yancey:

I wanted to write to all the Alfred M. Yancey descendants to sort of summarize my views on the family and bring up some points of uncertainty that still exist.

Honestly, after doing extensive research on all branches of the Yancey family - the Alfred M. & Lucy Yancey family seems to have been one of the most mixed up (So much inconsistent information and incomplete and erroneous info has been circulated).

Although different reports are conflicting - I really believe that there should be little doubt as to the parentage of Alfred M. Yancey who married Lucy. As a result of research done by Mrs. Thelma Sargent as well as various others - it seems almost certain that the parents of Alfred M. Yancey were John & Elizabeth Lightfoot Moore Yancey of Caswell Co., NC & later Giles Co., TN. Various estate & court records make it evident. Part of the confusion seems to have arisen from information in the book FORKS OF ELKHORN CHURCH - an early genealogy book that records Alfred as the son of one Philemon Yancey Jr. of the Culpeper Branch of the family - the book contains many errors and cannot be fully trusted. I have checked out the Philemon yancey line - and although it also is a hard line to document - the name Alfred is non-existent in the Culpeper County families & does not appear on County records.

John Yancey who married Elizabeth Lightfoot Moore did have a cousin named Alfred (son of his Uncle Philip Yancey of Granville NC who married Sarah Chandler and Agatha/Agnes Benson) But this Alfred is never referred to as Alfred "M" Yancey - and he seems to have died young as census records do not reflect his existence. Another Alfred from this family (grandson of Philip & Sarah Chandler Y.) is one Alfred Yancey who married Mildred Allen - he was born in 1812 and lived in Fayette County most of his life.

As to the children of Alfred M. Yancey - From the 1820 census of Giles Co., TN it would seem that Alfred M. Yancey and Lucy probably had at least 2 boys and 3 girls. The 1850 census indicates that a Frances (Yancey) McMasters was a daughter and it also seems quite reasonable to assume that Mary Louisa Yancey - the ancestor of THELMA SARGENT was a daughter. A son was to have been Philip Henry Yancey who married Sophrania Cardon and had many descendants. It would seem that deed records record Alfred M and Philip Henry as owning land that was right next to each other - hard proof of Philip Henry Yanceys parentage seems wanting - but there really are few, if any, others other than Alfred who could have been his father. Philip H. is the ancestor of TERRY MORGAN, JOAN BURTON, and various others. Also on the 1850 census of Giles Co., TN with Alfred M. Yancey and wife is one Margaret C. Yancey and two children Joel C. and Mary F. It seems reasonable to assume that this is a daughter-in-law of Alfred Yancey. It would seem that the Joel C. Yancey (bn abt 1846) is the same Joel Yancey who in 1870 married Margaret Hickman and later married one Tennessee Hamilton. This Joel C. is the ancestor of JEROME GORDON. Family records of Jerome Gordon record the father of Joel C. Yancey as one ABRAHAM YANCEY - there is little evidance to back this up - but it would seem that he died young and this would account for the lack of any records. So that makes two boys and two girls.

There is also a family record of one Lucy Ann Yancey who is to have been born 6 Jul 1831 and married in 1846 to James H. Burgess in Lawrence Co., TN - I am still in the process of trying to validate this - but she would be a prime candidate for a daughter.

I have seen various records which show a Thomas Barton Yancey as a POSSIBLE son - But I have had a hard time proving that such a person even existed - could he have been confused with Thomas Bartlett Yancey the son of Philip Henry Yancey????

From Mrs. MELBA WATERS I have receieved info concerning one James Harrison Yancey who is to have come from Giles County TN - being born abt 1839 - parentage unknown. I have been UNABLE able to locate him yet on any census record - but he also is a pretty good candidate for a child.

If any of you have any additional info concerning possible children of Alfred M. Yancey would sure like to see it.