A Timeline of  Genealogical Research
among the descendants of Adam & Alice Yancey
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1859 Adam Yancey is born in Davis County, Utah.  His father Hiram John Yancey Jr had abandoned his mother Harriet Wood prior to him being born. Adam never met his own father - though before his death he came to meet his long lost older brother John
1873 Until he was about age 14 Adam never even knew he was a  Yancey. One wonders if Harriet on her deathbed may have explained to Adam who his father was and the circumstances surrounding his leaving her.  Harriet died in 1873 leaving Adam as he said "an orphan".  Adam knew extremely little during most of his life about the Yancey family history.  
1879 Adam meets and marries Alice Tolman in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.  Over their lives they would be the parents of 15 children, 12 of which grew to adulthood.
1881 Adam and Alice are called with others to settle the Idaho community of Chesterfield where they farmed. Making a living off the land / cattle kept the family very busy and it seems little family research was done during this period when they lived in this rather isolated community.
1901 Adam and Alice move to the Blackfoot, Idaho area and settle in the community of Groveland. Adam becomes the first Bishop of Groveland.
Parts of this land were sold off and became part of the Groveland community where the school and church now stand.
1900-1912 During this time period Adam was not totally in the dark as to where his father and brother lived. It seems he did have some limited communications with his brother John. He also came to know some distant Yancey "cousins" who had settled in the nearby Firth area. During this time period Adam's father and brother were living in Independence, Missouri.
1912 Cyrus Yancey on his way home from his  mission - makes contact with Adam's brother John in Independence, Missouri. Hiram had died in January of 1912. Later Adam would travel there to meet his brother and his family. Adam never ever met his father who is buried in an un-marked grave in Independence, Missouri.
1915 Adam Yancey with wife Alice & son Orley - are part of the "Genealogical Train" - a group of about 3,000 that traveled by train to San Francisco, California  to the 1915 Worlds Fair - at which the church took part in the "International Congress of Genealogy". President Joseph Fielding Smith took an active part n the conference.    
1919 Orley Yancey is called to the Southern States Mission - with headquarters in Independence, Missouri. While there he looks up Adam's brother John who lived there - before traveling on to Louisiana where he was assigned 
1920 In the years before his death Adam became blind. This probably restricted to a large degree his participation in family genealogical research. Adam died in 1920 while Orley was still serving his mission. Adam was buried in the local Groveland Cemetery. Orley, on his way home, passes again through Independence and again meets John who at this time was separated from his wife and is destitute. Soon thereafter Adam's brother John comes to live with widow Alice in Groveland. Uncle John dies in 1922 and is  buried next to his brother  Adam. 
1920's Among the children of Adam & Alice - daughter Sylva was the first one to show active interest in the research of the Yancey family. Through her efforts contact was made with relatives of Adam living in Oregon.  Sylvia began what would be a comprehensive approach to the genealogical research and temple work of the Yancey family of America.  Her work would later be continued by her sisters. 
1923 Temple Work for Yancey names - began as early as 1923 - at the Logan, Utah Temple. Sylvia and her husband seemed to be organizing this effort.


1936 Bertha/Alice travel to a Yancey reunion in Cottage Grove Oregon to meet long lost cousins for the first time. (descendants of Hiram John Yancey Sr)  
1940 Adam's daughter Sylvia dies an early death after complications of child birth - leaving a husband and eight children . Research in the family goes through a transitional period as Bertha/Alice take the lead in family research.

1945 The Idaho Falls, Idaho Temple was dedicated and temple work was now much easier for the family with the temple in much closer proximity.


1945-1980 Sylvia's sisters Alice & Bertha and niece Thelma take over the genealogical research. They correspond with Yanceys across the country and work with many seriously dedicated to Yancey research - compiling extensive records for many branches of the family not just their own.  During this period the temple work was done for a few thousand Yancey names.

1952 Leonidas Mecham publishes the massive black volume "Family Book of Remembrance and Genealogy with Allied Lines"  (often referred to as the "Mecham/Tolman/Yancey Book" with a section researched by Bertha and Alice concerning Adam Yancey's ancestors and descendants.

1958or59 Bertha and Alice travel to Greenville, Texas and are part of the Yancey / Medearis Family Reunion - one of the largest and most enduring of annual Yancey family reunions in America. They meet with various who were key in the publication of the genealogical compilation "Yancey Medearis and Allied lines"
1976 Adam's granddaughter Thelma Yancey, who had also worked with her aunts Bertha and Alice passes.  She had done much of her research out of the genealogy library at Los Angeles for a period of about 15 years.


1980 Dennis Yancey , great grandson of Adam Yancey through his son Orley - begins genealogical research as a teenager - making contact with Bertha/Arvilla/Ruth/Alice and others shortly before their passing.  
1980 Adam's daughter Bertha Yancey Jensen, age 92,  passes - spending about  30 years of her life actively involved in the collection of Yancey family records and corresponding with researchers across the country.   

1985 Adam's daughter Alice passes - after years of Yancey research.  Her Book of Remembrance was the origin of many of the Adam Yancey family photos later to be posted on the Internet.

1987 Arvilla Yancey - wife of Adam's son William passes.  She had obtained copies of much of  the research of Sylvia/Bertha/Alice/Thelma.  Ultimately copies of these records came into the hands of Dennis Yancey.

1990 The LDS's church genealogy software for the PC - Personal Ancestral File "PAF" becomes common place among those recording family genealogy. Various Adam Yancey descendants use the tool to submit family data into church genealogical databases and for processing temple work.

During the 1990s around 10,000 Yancey names were processed through "Temple Ready" - mostly under the "temple file" through temples throughout the world.

1997 A large portion of the Yancey family record is microfilmed by Dennis Yancey and made part of the records in Salt Lake.
1997 Deanne Driscoll, a granddaughter of EmronYancey publishes "Pioneer Ancestors of Emron Yancey and Dorothy Dean".  Her and her husband also later establish a web site containing a large amount of Wood/Tolman/Holbrook family records.
1998 The Yancey Family Surname Resource Center is established on the Internet by Dennis J Yancey. Also using the Rootsweb architecture the Yancey Family Genealogical database would also be set up - growing from an initial few thousand Yancey records to records for over 60,000 Yancey family members.  yancey2
1999 The LDS Church's first version of their genealogy web site "Familysearch" becomes available on line and gets extremely wide use. Yancey records on LDS files can now be accessed via the Internet. 
2000-2014 The web site Findagrave.com is used to record photos of Grave Markers, biographies and photos of a large number of Yanceys worldwide - including the Adam Yancey family.

2007 The "new" version of FamilySearch becomes available on the Web - first only to church members and then to non members. Temple submission of family names becomes much easier.  The Adam Yancey family would be the main LDS Yancey family having done Yancey Family temple work since temple work began. 
2013 The PC based  PAF genealogy program is decommissioned and Family Search Family Tree - becomes the tool for LDS members in organizing their famly tree data for temple submission.
Familysearch also makes it easier than ever to upload photos and family stories to its web site and share with others.  Various Adam Yancey descendants use the platform to upload large amounts of Yancey family material.  
2014 The  vast majority of the Yancey family records in the possession of Dennis Yancey - compiled from prior Adam Yancey family researchers and hundreds of other Yancey researchers over the year is scanned and digitized. This represents many tens of thousands of pages of Yancey records by hundreds of different researchers over a period of over 100 years..