The Adam Yancey Family Genealogical Correspondence Collection

This collection of Genealogical Correspondence - was collected by the members of the Adam Yancey family over many years - as they corresponded with many across the country in relation to Yancey family genealogy and history.  This mainly included letters collected by Sylvia Yancey Anderson, Alice Yancey, Bertha Yancey Jensen (daughters of Adam & Alice Yancey of Groveland, Idaho) and Thelma Yancey (a granddaughter)  The letters collected represent dates as early as 1927 and as late as 1980

Adam Yancey (1859-1920 of Groveland, Idaho) knew very little about his ancestry. After he died in 1920 his daughters sought out the details of the family history and origins  They not only focused on info about their father's direct  Yancey ancestry - but information about Yanceys across America of all branches. These letters represent their correspondence to various family researches across the country    .

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This collection of info is oly small part of a much greater collection of Yancey Family Records
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