Military Service among the descendants of
Adam Yancey
of Groveland, Idaho


Adam Yancey's  great-grandfather Austin Yancey was a soldier during the Revolutionary War. His son Hiram Yancey Sr was a soldier in the Black Hawk Indian conflict in the state of Illinois.  Even Adam Yancey's father - after leaving his mother - went East and ended up serving in Union forces during the Civil War.   Adam Yancey himself, never served in the military - but his sons came of age at the time of World War I.  The following account is related about this time: 

"Later on after the war broke out and a meeting was called to subscribe money and to encourage the boys to enlist, in the first part of the meeting a number of the men objected. Then [Adam Yancey] got up and said he was thankful that he had seven sons, all six foot tall and every inch a man, and that one had already enlisted [Cyrus], and if the government needed the rest of them he thought none of them would refuse". 


Below is a list of Adam Yancey descendants who have served in US Military forces.

Years Name Notes

World War I - - 1914-1918

Cyrus Yancey - son of Adam United States Marine.  Awarded the Purple Heart for being wounded in action. Gravely wounded and barely made it out alive.

Cyrus is quoted as follows: "at the time of the World War [I was sent] overseas in January 1918 and was on the Verdun Front.  When being removed from the front after the fighting at Belleau Woods I was wounded June 1918 - a piece of shrapnel going through my abdomen and right hand. When the soldier came along and found me alive they took me to the field hospital and then on to the base hospital where they found that practically all of my stomach had been shot away and had no hopes of my recovery.. . . I was in the hospital for nearly nine months undergoing three major operations.   Cyrus suffered medical problems throughout his life because of his war injuries.

Daniel Yancey - son of Adam United States Army.  Enlisted in the Engineering forces of the American Expeditionary Army and was sent overseas and was gone about a year - returning home after the armistice was signed 11 Nov 1918. Always had poor health and died at a young age after a long stay at the Veteran's hospital in Salt Lake City.

World War II - 1939-1945

Adam Emron Yancey - son of Emron He graduated from Blackfoot High School in May 1942, and left in May 1943 for service in World War II. He served with the 567th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion on the European front. He was honorably discharged in February 1946.
Jack Yancey - son of Orval  
  Harold Yancey - son of James

Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II from June, 1944 until July, 1946.  Was a radioman taking Morse Code.  Was in the Pacific Area, Guam, Japan, Phillipines  "I was on a very small ship with a crew of 35.  We carried spare parts for the fleet,  I was in a typhoon off the coast of Japan that lasted three days.  At the height of the storm, we took a 52 degree roll, but because we were heavily loaded, the ship righted itself."


Korean War 1950-1953

Brice Yancey - son of Orley United States Army - at the end of the Korean War Conflict.  Served as a technician for dental machinery while stationed in Japan.
  Robert W Yancey - son of Cyrus United States Marine.  Korean War. Awarded the Purple Heart.
Ronald Yancey - grandson of Emron

1951-52.....Idaho National Guard, Armored Cavalry Division.....served as bow gunner on a tank, Korean war. August 1952 - May 1956......served as Hospitalman (Hospital Corpsman) at the USNH (United States Naval Hospital), St Albans NY (which was in Queens on Long Island and is now a VA Hospital).......... served sea duty with the FMF (Fleet Marine Force), 2nd Marine Division in North Carolina and Puerto Rico


Vietnam War 1950's-1970's

David Ellis Yancey - grandson of Emron United States Navy - worked on US Gemini Project
Emron A Yancey - grandson of Emron United States Army - awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, 2 Bronze Stars, 18 Air Medals, Purple Heart, and served in Viet Nam
Kirk Yancey - grandson of Emron United States Army - 1969-1978 Vietnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam convoy driver with 173rd AB Brigade
Clem Yancey - son of Orley United States Army Reserve
Roger Yancey - son of Orley United States Army - Vietnam War
Ivan William Yancey - son of William United States Army
Marvin Verne Yancey - son of William United States Army
David Odell Yancey - son of William United States Army

1980 to Present

  John Yancey - grandson of James I served in the United States Air Force from the end of March 1978 to September 1, 1999.  I participated in the Air Force ROTC program at BYU and the University of Utah.  I was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the USAF on June 10, 1977.  I was recognized as the most outstanding cadet from the University of Utah Air Force ROTC program in 1977.  I entered active duty at Sheppard AFB, TX in late March of 1978 and attended Titan missile launch officer training at Sheppard AFB and Vandenberg AFB, CA that spring and summer.  My first permanent duty station was McConnell AFB in Wichita, KS.  I was a titan missile launch officer there from 1978 - 1983.  Our first three children were born in Kansas.  I also received a Master of Urban Affairs degree with a health care administration emphasis from Wichita State University in December of 1982.  I was transferred into the Air Force Medical Service Corps (healthcare administration) in the summer of 1983.  I attended a 12 week health care administration course at Sheppard AFB, TX in the summer of 1983 and was then assigned to Carswell AFB, TX (near Fort Worth).  We were stationed at Carswell from 1983 to 1987 and our fourth child was born there.  We were then transferred to RAF Upper Heyford near Oxford, England in 1987 and spent three years there.  Our fifth and final child was born there.  We were stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB (near Dayton, OH) from 1990-1993.  We were at Los Angeles AFB, CA from 1993-1996 where I served as the administrator of the base clinic.  In 1996 we were transferred to Ramstein AFB, Germany where I was the clinic administrator (largest clinic in the Air Force) and the commander of the Medical Support Squadron.  I retired as a Lt Col on September 1, 1999.
  John Russell Yancey - great-grandson of James Captain in the Dental Corps of the USAF.  He attended dental school at the University of Indiana and received an Air Force scholarship for his last 3 years of dental school. He is currently (2013) stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV but will be transferred this summer to Yakota AB, Japan.

  Greg Parsons - great grandson of Orval Army National Guard - Spanish Linguist
  Geoff Parsons - great grandson of Orval Army National Guard - Russian Linguist
  Bruce Parsons - great grandson of Orval Army National Guard - Spanish Linguist