The Aberdeen, Idaho Web Portal
maintained by Dennis J Yancey    (AHS Class of 1983)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Site

Question: With what intent was the Aberdeen Idaho Web Portal Created?
Answer: The Aberdeen Idaho Web Portal
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 is a web site dedicated to the town of Aberdeen along with its current and former residents and their interests. It was not created with any commerical intent - but as a means to unite and bring together those who call Aberdeen their home/home-town. It is a means of providing and exchanging information of common and general interest to these same people.

Question: What are the subjects covered on the Web Site?
Answer: Subjects currently covered include: Community,  Employment, Families, Farming,  Genealogy, History, Recreation, School, and more.  Would like to see another subject covered - Please let us know!

Question: Can I make a suggestion?
Answer: Yes, By all means! If you have any suggestions such as: Links to other sites to include;  Web Sites of Aberdeen Families or Bussinesses;  information that could be posted that is of general interest to "Aberdeenites" - please pass on your ideas and comments. 
Send any suggestions to: 

Question:  What I can do to be a part of the web site? 
Answer: Please let us know of anything you might have that would be of interest to other "Aberdeenites". Do you have any old photos of Aberdeen? Or even any current photos that would be of the type they might be of general interest? Do you have any stories about the history of Aberdeen and its peoples? Do you have any old school photos, year books etc.? Do you have any old family letters that talk of life in early Aberdeen? Would you like to post your family genealogy on the web and link to it from this site?

Question: Who maintains the Aberdeen Idaho Web Portal?
Dennis J Yancey, of Miami, Florida - an AHS 1983 graduate.   Should you have any questions or comments you would like to make you are URGED to send him an email. 

1983 Class Picture

Dennis J Yancey, born in Bingham County in 1965, grew up on the Brice Yancey farm, just North of Aberdeen and worked for various farmers in the area.  He graduated from AHS with the class of 1983.  He is currently a resident of Miami, Florida – where he served an LDS Spanish-speaking mission 1984-1986.  He returned to Miami shortly after his mission and currently works as a Sr. Systems Analyst at the University of Miami <Coral Gables, Florida> working with their mainframe computer applications.  He is married to Roxana Yancey, a native Bolivian, and they have two kids – Bryan and Tiffany.  Dennis is also currently serving in the Palm Springs LDS ward bishopric in Miami.  Dennis spends much of his time with his family, his church callings, and researching Yancey family genealogy.  Along with being the webmaster of the Aberdeen Idaho Web Portal - he is also the genealogist and webmaster for the Yancey Family Surname Resource Center – which represents the largest collection of Yancey genealogy in the world.


Some further Comments from Dennis:

“I thought it would be neat to give something original like this back to my home town community.  I don’t want to sound boastful or anything – I don’t think I am much different than many other people originally from Aberdeen.  But I think who I am today, and what I have been able to accomplish with my life – has a lot to do with the environment under which I grew up.  I  wouldn’t be where I am today,  had it not been for the small home-town environment, a close-knit religious family, and a moral and conservative upbringing – characteristics of the uprearing of many who call Aberdeen their home town"

"Within days of  putting up the web site  I had people from all over the country signing the “guestbook” – I even had one man from Scotland sign – a man who had traveled all over the world – as part of a project to visit cities named Aberdeen all over the world.  He had visited Aberdeen in years past – and was impressed by the residents”

“It was amazing to think that I, over 2000 miles away, was able to put together something of significance for the residents of Aberdeen, when I haven’t even lived there in over 20 years, and had little, if any, material in my own possession concerning Aberdeen, other than a class year book.  The Magic of today’s technology!!”

“The web site – being a portal – it does not contain a lot of original material that I, myself, placed on the Internet.  Rather it is a site that brings one common interface to many different and heterogeneous sites with information about Aberdeen and its former/current residents.   I was actually surprised with what I found when searching for existing sites on the web having to do with Aberdeen and its residents.   Some surprising finds: 

·         A web site documenting one Scottish man’s visit to cities named Aberdeen throughout the world – with an interesting account of the Aberdeen community.

·         A web site about a documentary movie concerning an Aberdeen Family’s struggle to keep the family farm.  

·         A web-cam view of main street Aberdeen.

·         Various genealogical records for Aberdeen residents

·         Some of my fellow 1983 classmates who are well on their way to accomplishing their dreams in life – such as Daniel Hege, a prominent orchestra conductor.  Corey Blaker, a high school band teacher – and many others.

·         Information on Steven Stoker, and his writings – including “Aberdeen Stories” and ”Aberdeen Jinks” – books I strongly recommend to all Aberdeen home-towners.