Family / Community and Genealogical Records and Photos
Concerning Northwest Alabama
compiled by Ann Glasgow

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[Ann Glagow:]

This web site is dedicated to the pioneers and settlers of Northwest Alabama. If your family settled in or moved through this area, you may find information about them on this website.

Life's Weaving originally started out with the descendants of Franklin County, Alabama pioneers and soon grew to encompass the edges of surrounding counties, including Colbert, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Marion and Winston. The site has continued to grow through the contributions of descendants of those whose ancestors settled in or moved through this area.

For those interested, the recently added items to the Bear Creek, Marion County, Alabama section of this website is growing to include outlying cemeteries along with photos and history of pioneer families.

I am the only one who maintains this website and I will be glad to add or correct any information. Since I am only one, it can take some time to get items placed on the website, so please be patient.

To add or correct information please send an email with the information or photos that you want to add to: ann (at) lifesweaving dot com. (Address is listed this way to keep spam at a minimum.)

Please use the pull-down menu above or the small menu below to navigate this website.

NOTE:  As the information on this site keeps expanding, I am trying to restructure the home page along with the rest of this site so you will be able to locate items more readily. I will be updating information on the existing pages as time permits. This updating is also an effort to keep current with the language and styles of web page creation.

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