Dedicated to the
Memory of
Joseph L Yancey

Joe's Genealogical Research Files

[Dennis J Yancey: ]  During the Late 1990's I came to know Joseph L. Yancey (Joe).
He and I worked together in learning how to create web pages and apply  that knowledge to post information about Yancey Family Genealogy
which was a common interest.  We worked together for a time and then I lost contact with him.
Eventually I found out he had passed away.

Joe's Findagrave.com memorial

This site is dedicated to his memory - and an attempt to preserve much of his research.

For more information contact  Dennis J Yancey - dyancey@miami.edu

Main Pages that Joe created and maintained.

        AOL site    ( originally)  http://members.aol.com/josephy411  
                WBM  snap shot 2001

        The Yancey Family Information Center       (originally www.geocities.com/heartland/plains/4644/)
                WBM snap shots - after arriving at he initial page - look for the days with blue spots and click the spot.
                WBM snap shots in 2000  
                WBM snap shots in 2001
                WBM snap shots in 2002
                WBM snap shots in 2003
                WBM snap shots in 2009   
                OO Cities archive
                Reocities archive
        http://jyancey.tripod.com/   (some times avalable some times not)

        Rootsweb jyancey  - http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~jyancey/

Image Library of some of his photos
        Image listing

Family Tree's
        Brents Family Info
        Collins Family Data
        Haynes Family Tree
        Voogd Family Tree
        Gibbs Family Tree    Gibbs Family History     More Gibbs Records
        Stone Family Data
        Yancey Family Tree

GEDCOMS available for following surnames  (contact dyancey@miami.edu)
        Yancey  - File last updateed in 1997 - containing 235 individuals
        Haynes - File last updated in 1997 - containing  269 individuals
        Collins - File last updated in 1997 - containing 258 individuals
        Gibbs - File last updated in  - ??? - contained about 238 names
        Voogd - File last updated in - ??? - contained

Information he posted on line on various web sites.
            Google Search

The story behind the spelling of Joe's last name.

"My fathers name was Joseph Levi Yancy.  I suspect that the spelling of my last name is typical of what has happend to many of our ancestors. When I entered the Army in 1950 I was 17 years old and had a very limited education.

I did not pay attention to some of the papers which I signed and after about a year in the Army someone noticed that when I wrote or signed my name I did not use the "e" and informed me that in all of my military records it was spelled with the "e"  [Yancey] . After checking with legal advisors and the state of Alabama I decided that the simplest way was to get a one time change of my birth records [To Yancey].

 All of my known relatives spell the name Yancy, also most of the deceased are burried in the same cemetary in Morgan County Alabama (Johnsons Chapel) and all the markers use Yancy. Most of my information  in the database came from my cousin Eulalia Wellden and when she gave me the material about 10 years ago some of the names in her documents used the "e" but I found that the grave markers all were spelled Yancy.

Old Email files
            Email File 1
            Email File 2
            Email File 3

Joe's contact info when he was alive
Joseph L. Yancey Jr. josephy411@aol.com 
403 Henderson Drive 
San Jose Ca, 95123-4417 
Phone (408)224-0261 
Fax (408)224-2437