The Family Bible Preservation Project would like to make your organization aware
of a new online genealogical resource that can be of value to you and your members and associates.

The Family Bible Preservation Project is dedicated to locating, indexing, transcribing and preserving Family Bible Records.

We have collected  thousands of Family Bible records from around the world.  The vast majority are from the United States and Canada - but we have  family bible records from around the world from such far away places as South Africa, Tasmania, Hungary and more.

The time period of records covers everything from medieval times up until the current era.

At the sites below you will find both a surname index as well as a location based index.

The Family Bible Surname Index

The Family Bible Location Index

A  Link specifically for California

Other Family Bible Resources

We would hope that you would share this info with those you have contact with.

For example - if you have an online list of  genealogical resources - we would be happy if you could include us.
Or if you have some sort of newsletter it would be nice if you could spot light our organization and resources.
If you have some sort of message board system it would be great if you could mention us.

If you have any questions or comments we'd love to hear from you.
Especially to know if you and your organization have family bible records that would be of interest to us.

Family Bible records are often a one of a kind resource with information that may not be found elsewhere.
Many people believe there are millions of family bibles scattered across the world.
Our organization's family bible index has more than 400,000 entries - one of the largest family bible indexes/databases in the world.

PLEASE consider sharing this valuable information with anyone you feel would be interested.  
and please note that all information at the Family Bible Preservation Project is TOTALLY FREE - and always will be!

Dennis J Yancey
The Family Bible Preservation Project