LDS Leaders in the Aberdeen Area

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[ as of  July 2007 ]

Stake President:        Scott Poulson
Church Office:
(208) 226-5514 

Aberdeen First Ward - Sunday 12:30-3:30
Bishop -  Russ Barrus
1st Counselor - Kent  Sargeant
2nd Counselor - Russell Palmer
Phone: (208) 397-4088

Aberdeen Second Ward - Sunday 10:30-1:30
Bishop - Val Wahlen
1st Counselor - Brian Goff
2nd Counselor -   Kent Rowbury 
Phone: (208) 397-4868

Aberdeen Third Ward -  Sunday 8:30-11:30
Bishop Garn Lovell
1st Counselor - Bart Wride
2nd Counselor - Darryl McCombs
Phone: (208) 397-4578 

Lakeview Ward - Sunday
Bishop Dennis Thurston
1st Counselor - Craig Peck
2nd Counselor -  Kevin Warren
Phone:  (208) 328-2457 


Phone: (208) 397-4688 


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Basic Beliefs


History of LDS in Aberdeen


From Encyclopedic History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

In 1915 there were only about eight or ten Latter-day Saint settlers in the newly surveyed town of Aberdeen and vicinity, namely, Samuel Neville, Nils A. Pehrson, Alma Rigby, John F. Monsen, Wilhelm Carlson and Leonard H., Elias and Roy Phillips, with their respective families and for the benefit of the children of these settlers a Sunday school was organized July 11, 1915, with John Frederick Monson as superintendent. These families were members of the Sterling Ward, but on Oct. 3, 1915, they were organized as the Aberdeen Branch of said ward with Nils A. Pehrson as presiding Elder, and regular meetings were commenced in private houses. On Dec. 3, 1916, the branch was organized as a so-called "independent" branch (reporting directly to the presidency of the Blackfoot Stake) with John F. Monsen as president. He acted until Feb. 3, 1918, when the Aberdeen Ward was organized with Marion Clinger as Bishop. Bishop Clinger was succeeded in 1925 by John F. Monsen, who was succeeded in 1929 by David A. Stone, who presided as Bishop Dec. 31, 1930. On that date the Aberdeen Ward had 528 members including 135 children. The total population of the Aberdeen Precinct was 1,761 in 1930; of these 646 resided in the town of Aberdeen.


First LDS Bishopric in Aberdeen (1918-1924)
Marion Clinger, Bishop (left); John F Monsen, 1st Counselor (right); David A. Stone, 2nd Counselor (center)



Original LDS church built about 1934
"Aberdeen First Ward"


LDS church built about 1950 - used as American Falls Stake House until 1973
Built about the time the "Second Ward" was created.


LDS church built about 1974
Built about the time the "Third Ward" was created.