Some Yancey Cousins you may not have been aware of

Yanceys in the world of TV/Movie/Acting/Film/Radio



LUCAS YANCEY - The "Whaboom" Guy

Many of you may have noted "Lucas" -  on the most recent series of The Bachelorette

but few of you probably noticed he is a YANCEY.

Though identified as a real estate investor - This is not Lucas's first time on TV.

You may have seen him in a Nachos commercial


a few clips 


The Bachelorette

Nachos Commercials







Margery Wilson


Few of you probably realize that Yanceys have been involved on the movies - even since the times of the Silent  Movies.  Among the silent movie actresses was one Margery Wilson  a Yancey descendant.  

check out these links:




Emily Yancey is another actress you probably were not aware of

check out some of her videos




Minnie Bates Yancey  - another unique member of the Yancey Family



Elliot Yancey

a film producer who lives in Australia



Schuyler Yancey



Cotton Yancey


and how many of you have seen the movie "The 5th Wave"

based on the book - by Rick Yancey




Arch Yancey - Radio DJ and country singer



and don't forget Yancey from Waltons Mountain


or even Yancey Woodchuck on the Muppets