Some Unusual and/or Strange Deaths among the Yancey Family

Name Cause of Death Link
A. C. Yancey Small Pox Link
Absalom Yancey Murdered by his slave Link
Alex Yancey new Accidental Gunshot Link
Alvie Yancey Killed in a Train Wreck Link
Andrew Yancey child playing with a gun Link
Ann Rebecca Yancey Yellow Fever Link
Anna Yancey  Auto Accident Link
Annie Yancey Struck by Speeding Car Link
Arthur M Yancey new Strychnine Poisoning  Link
Austin Yancey Hunting Accident Link
Belinda Yancey Abduction / Rescue / Killed in Airplane crash Link
Belle Yancey new Epilepsy  Link
Bernard & Willard Yancey Mine explosion Link
Bernice Yancey Electrocution Link
Bertha E Yancey Hit by a train Link
Beulah Yancy  Train accident Link
Bill Yancey Trench cave-in Link
Bill Newcomb Yancy Car Accident Link
Billy Ray Yancy  newHigh Speed Car AccidentLink
Brock Yancey Drowning (surfing?) Link
Bruce O Yancey   Killed in Ultra-light plane accident Link
Carl-Evan Yancey Hit and Run - Pedestrian killed Link
Carlos Yancey  Murder Victim Link
Cecil Yancey  new Murder Victim Link
Charlie Yancey new Shootout Link
Chris Yancy Office Shooting Link
Chris Yancey new Stabbing Link
Clarence Yancy  newDrowningLink
Clarence H Yancey newAccidental ShootingLink
Dale Yancey Killed by a splinter??? Link
Dallas Yancy   Diving Accident/drowning Link
Darrelle Yancey  newGun ViolenceLink
David Yancey  Shooting Link
David Yancey Police officer stabbed to death link
David Odis Yancey  Industrial Accident Link
Deanna Yancey Hearn  Motorcycle Accident Link
Demetrius Yancy  Fall in a Lake Link
Dianne Yancey  newPlaying Cowboy ??Link
Dick Yancey Lynching Link
Donald Yancy  Shooting Link
Donald Yancey Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Link
Douglas Yancey Electrocution Link
Edward Yancy   Drowning Link
Edward M. Yancey Killed in the LA Riots Link
Edmond Yancey Suicide Link
Eenetrich B Yancey Domestic Violence Link
Effie Yancey Self inflicted shot gun Link
Emma Yancy Vaughan  newFamily Killed by TornadoLink
Emmett Franklin Yancy   Burn Victim Link
Erica Yancey Stabbing Link
Ervin Yancey  Crushed by a bull   Link
F. V. Yancey Killed after marrying a 15 year old girl Link
Faryd Yancey Drowning Link
Feddie Yancey  Suicide by Carbolic Acid Link
Francis A Yancey Falling from a Train Link
Francis G Yancey   Murder over a girl Link
Fred L. Yancey  Suicide Link
Garland Eddie Yancey Infant Run over By a Train Link 
George Yancey   Electrocution Link
George Yancey new Self inflicted shot gun Link
George Yancey Snake Bite Link
Gloria Yancy  Hit and Run Link
Grace H Yancey Dramatic Suicide Link
Grace Yancey new Killed By Thunder Clap (not by lightning) ???? Link
Guy S. Yancey Hit by a train Link
H. Jack Yancey  Fire Bombing Link
Happy Yancey Meningitis Link
Harmon T Yancey   new Sherrif, killed in a shoot out Link
Harvey Yancey  Run over by a train car Link
Helen Yancey   new Traffic Accident Link
Henry Yancy Automobile Accident Link
Henry Yancey Stabbed by Brother Link
Herbert Yancey & family Murder - Suicide Link
Howard Sidney Yancey  Appendicitis Link
Hugh & Elinor Yancey Airplane Crash into the Chukchi Sea off of Alaska Link
Hunter Pitt (son of Kim Yancey) Run over by School Bus Link
J. R. Yancey Suicide - via carbolic acid Link
Jack Yancey 17 yr old flying plane - crashed Link
James Yancy Shipwreck Link
James Yancey Killed when car hit a deer Link
James Yancey  accidental gun shot Link
James Yancey  Killed in a shoot-out Link
James Yancey   Death related to a horse Link
James F  Yancey new Kicked by a Mule Link
Jason Yancy Suicide by hanging Link
Jason Yancey Playing Football Link
Jerry Yancey Poisoned by wife Link
Jeremy Yancey  Shooting Link
Jessie Yancey new Two girls fighting over a shotgun Link
Jesse Yancey Construction accident Link
Jesse & Zelma Yancey Double Murder Link
Jessie Lee Yancey  newStabbed to deathLink
Joe Lee Yancey and brothers  3 different car accidents Link
John Yancy new Killed by a train Link
John Yancy    Apparent Suicide Link
John Yancey  Murder - by gun shot Lnk
John Yancy Killed in a storm Link
John Yancey Hanging Link
John A. Yancey new Suicide Link
John C. Yancey Blood Poisoning from Bullet Wound Link
John David Yancey Automobile Accident Link
John J Yancey Jealousy, Murder and Suicide Link
John G Yancey new Soldier falling from 3rd story building Link
John H & Iva Yancy young married couple drowned together Link
John L. Yancy  Hung himself Link
John M. Yancey    Sniper fire training Link
John M. Yancey  new Small Airplane  crash - Costa Rica Link
John Samuel Yancey Stroke and Starvation Link
Joseph Yancey Drownng Link
Joseph Yancey  Suicide Link
Karen Yancy new Pregnant girl killed in  auto accident Link
Karie W Yancy   Smoke Inhalation Link
Kitty & Herbert Yancy children possibly killed by a Panther Link
Kathy Yancey Laborie 9/11 victim Link
Lamont Yancey died after playing basketball Link
Larry Thomas Yancey Murder by strangulation Link
Laura Yancey new Really Old Age!!!  (110 years) Link
Lee Yancey newAccident while train riding  Link
Leroy Yancey Drunk run over by train Link
Lewis Yancey new SmallPox Link
Lewis B. "Ben" Yancey Shot by the Marshall Link
Linda Yancey   Murder Victim Link
Lucy Yancey Mysterious Suicide Link
Luther J Yancey newAmmunitions ExplosionLink
Lyman B Yancey Falling from a cliff Link
Martin Yancy   Shooting Link
Michael B Yancey   Murdered in his own driveway Link
Mrs. Yancey  newSteamboat Boiler ExplosionLink
Nettie Yancey Clothes caught fire Link
Novelette Yancy   Unsolved Murder Link
O. C. Yancey new Fractured Skull Link
Omar Yancy  Unsolverd Murder Link
Paul Yancey Killed by Lightning Link
Penny Yancey newFatal Car CrashLink
Russell Yancey Accidental Gun Shot Wound Link
Randy Yancey   Suicide Link
Raymond Leon YanceySuspicious House FireLink
Reba Yancey Shot while playing an organ Link
Robert A. Yancey  Shot by Brother in Law Link
Robert L. Yancey  Shooting Link
Robert P Yancey new Shot in the face Link
Rodney R. Yancey  Motorcycle Accident Link
Roger M. Yancey Judge shot and killed by a woman Link
Sallie Yancey Halloween Masqueraders trying to race a train Link
Samuel Yancy  Diptheria Link
Sharon Yancy new Car accident Link
Sidney Yancey   Accident while Train riding Link
Silas H. Yancey Killed over 5 cents Link
Silas M. Yancey Asphixiation Link
Spencer Yancey new Dropped Dead on the Railroad tracks Link
Spencer Yancey new REALLY old age!  (106) Link
Stephen Yancey Hung at the gallows Link
Sylvia Yancey   Died in Childbirth Link
Sylvia Yancey (Mrs.) newBrutal MurderLink
Tammy Marie Yancy  Accidental gun shot   Link
Taylor Yancey Shot in the middle of  church Link
Terrence L. Yancey   Murder victim Link
Theodore Yancey new 2 year old killed in car accident Link
Thomas Yancey Suicide Link
Thomas Jarrel Yancey   Butane Explosion Link
Tommy Yancy Mysterious Police beating Link
Vernon Yancey new Fell from the running board of a car Link
Vicki Yancey 9/11 Victiim Link
Virgil R Yancey   Boiler Room Explosion Link
W. T. (Pete) YanceyHit by a boatLink
Walter R Yancey  Arsenic Poisoning Link
Wheeler Yancey Run over by a train Link
Wilbert E Yancey Truck Crash Link
William Yancey    Murdered by stepsons Link
William Yancey  Drunk jumping from 2nd floor of building Link
William Yancey new Struck by Lightning Link
William Henry Yancey  newShooting Link
William Jay Yancey  Suicide Link
William L. Yancey new Suicide Link
Wiillie J Yancey new Drowning Link
Yancey Children Diptheria kills 5 siblings Link
Yancey Children Cholera Epidemic Link
Zerald Yancy Mistaken Identity Link
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