Some Unusual and/or Strange Deaths among the Yancey Family

Name Cause of DeathLink
A. C. YanceySmall PoxLink
Absalom YanceyMurdered by his slaveLink
Alvie YanceyKilled in a Train WreckLink
Andrew Yanceychild playing with a gunLink
Ann Rebecca YanceyYellow FevewrLink
Annie YanceyStruck by Speeding CarLink
Austin YanceyHunting AccidentLink
Belinda YanceyAbduction / Rescue / Killed in Airplane crashLink
Bernard & Willard YanceyMine explosionLink
Bernice YanceyElectrocutionLink
Bertha E YanceyHit by a trainLink
Bill YanceyTrench cave-inLink
Brock YanceyDrowning (surfing?)Link
Bruce O Yancey  newKilled in Ultra-light plane accidentLink
Carl-Evan YanceyHit and Run - Pedestrian killedLink
Carlos Yancey newMurder VictimLink
Chris YancyOffice ShootingLink
Dale YanceyKilled by a splinter???Link
David YanceyPolice officer stabbed to deathlink
David Odis Yancey newIndustrial AccidentLink
Deanna Yancey Hearn newMotorcycle AccidentLink
Dick YanceyLynchingLink
Donald Yancy newShootingLink
Donald YanceyCarbon Monoxide PoisoningLink
Douglas YanceyElectrocutionLink
Edward Yancy  newDrowningLink
Edward M. YanceyKilled in the LA RiotsLink
Eenetrich B YanceyDomestic ViolenceLink
Effie YanceySelf inflicted shot gunLink
Erica YanceyStabbingLink
Ervin Yancey newCrushed by a bull  Link
F. V. YanceyKilled after marrying a 15 year old girlLink
Faryd YanceyDrowningLink
Feddie Yancey newSuicide by Carbolic AcidLink
Francis A YanceyFalling from a TrainLink
Francis G Yancey  newMurder over a girlLink
Garland Eddie YanceyInfant Run over By a TrainLink 
George Yancey  newElectrocutionLink
George YanceySelf inflicted shot gun Link
George YanceySnake BiteLink
Gloria Yancy newHit and RunLink
Grace H YanceyDramatic SuicideLink
Guy S. YanceyHit by a trainLink
H. Jack Yancey newFire BombingLink
Happy YanceyMeningitisLink
Harvey Yancey newRun over by a train carLink
Henry YanceyStabbed by BrotherLink
Herbert Yancey & familyMurder - SuicideLink
Howard Sidney Yancey newAppendicitisLink
Hugh & Elinor YanceyAirplane Crash into the Alaskan SeaLink
Hunter Pitt (son of Kim Yancey)newRun over by School BusLink
Jack Yancey17 yr old flying plane - crashedLink
James YancyShipwreckLink
James YanceyKilled when car hit a deerLink
James YanceyKilled in a shoot-outLink
Jason YancySuicide by hangingLink
Jason YanceyPlaying FootballLink
Jerry YanceyPoisoned by wifeLink
J. R. YanceySuicide - via carbolic acidLink
Jesse YanceyFreak construction accidentLink
Jesse & Zelma YanceyDouble MurderLink
John Yancy   newApparent SuicideLink
John Yancey newMurder - by gun shotLnk
John YancyKilled in a stormLink
John YanceyHangingLink
John C. YanceyBlood Poisoning from Bullet WoundLink
John J YanceyJealousy, Murder and SuicideLink
John H & Iva Yancyyoung married couple drowned togetherLink
John L. Yancy newHung himselfLink
John M. Yancey   newSniper fire trainingLink
John Samuel YanceyStroke and StarvationLink
Joseph YanceyDrownngLink
Karie W Yancy  newSmoke InhalationLink
Kitty & Herbert Yancychildren possibly killed by a PantherLink
Kathy Yancey Laborie9/11 victimLink
Lamont Yanceydied after playing basketballLink
Larry Thomas YanceynewMurder by strangulationLink
Leroy YanceyDrunk run over by trainLink
Lewis Yancey newSmallPoxLink
Lewis B. "Ben" YanceyShot by the MarshallLink
Linda Yancey  newMurderLink
Lucy YanceyMysterious Suicide Link
Lyman B YanceyFalling from a cliffLink
Michael B Yancey  newMurdered in his own drivewayLink
Nettie YanceyClothes caught fireLink
Novelette Yancy  newUnsolved MurderLink
Paul YanceyKilled by LightningLink
Quante Yancey  newMurder VictimLink
Russell YanceyAccidental Gun Shot WoundLink
Randy Yancey  newSuicideLink
Reba YanceynewShot while playing an organLink
Robert A. Yancey newShot by Brother in LawLink
Rodney R. Yancey newMotorcycle AccidentLink
Roger M. YanceyJudge shot and killed by a womanLink
Sallie YanceyHalloween Masqueraders trying to race a trainLink
Silas H. YanceyKilled over 5 centsLink
Silas M. YanceyAsphixiationLink
Stephen YanceyHung at the gallowsLink
Tammy Marie Yancy newAccidental gun shot  Link
Taylor YanceyShot in the middle of  churchLink
Terrence L. Yancey  newMurder victimLink
Tommy YancyMysterious Police beatingLink
Vicki Yancey9/11 VictiimLink
Virgil R Yancey  newBoiler Room ExplosionLink
Wheeler YanceyRun over by a trainLink
William Yancey   newMurdered by stepsonsLink
William Yancey newDrunk jumping from 2nd floor of buildingLink
Yancey ChildrenDiptheria kills 5 siblingsLink
Yancey ChildrenCholera EpidemicLink
Zerald YancyMistaken IdentityLink

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