Photo Collection of  Steve Riggan


Hobert's uncle Wiley Yancey and wife Martha Barnes Yancey in Oklahoma 1940's or 50's.  Wiley was William H. Yancey's son by first marriage to Elizabeth Alice Wright.  Uncle Wiley's full name was Isaac Wiley.  He was named after William H. Yancey's stepfather, Rev. Wiley Miles who had married Mary Elizabeth Floyd Yancey in the early 1860's at Covin, Fayette Co., Alabama where the family settled after leaving Georgia.  Wiley Miles was a widower with children from first marriage to Rebecca Bobo.  Grandma Mary E. Floyd Yancey had four children from her first marriage to Thomas Hines Yancey and brought them into the marriage although they were nearly grown.  She had three more children with Rev. Wiley Miles:  Nancy, Callie Lucinda, and Wiley BASCOM Miles.  Uncle Bascom came to Arkansas for a time, but returned to Alabama, married and had a family.  Aunt Nan and Aunt Callie also had families and I remember my great grandfather Maxey Yancey, who was their nephew, mention them.  My great aunt Dovie Yancey Overman told me that when her grandfather William H. Yancey was dying in 1931, he was calling his half-brother Bascom Miles' name.  In the cemetery at Mt. Vernon Methodist Church where Rev. Wiley Miles was pastor, he is buried between both his wives, Rebecca Bobo Miles and Mary Elizabeth Floyd Yancey Miles.  

click here for info on William H Yancey's father Thomas Hines Yancey


The Yancey family gathered at Uncle Eldon Yancey's, Violet Hill, Arkansas in Aug. 1985:  (starting in back row by row L-R) Hobert and Vernene Webb Yancey with grandson Steve Riggan and brother Haydon Yancey.  (middle row) Verniece Harris Yancey (Haydon's wife), Eldon Yancey (Hobert's brother), Epper Dockins Yancey (Eldon's wife).  (front row seated) Bertha Mae Yancey Billingsley (Eldon's daughter) and husband Loyce Billingsley, Barbara Yancey Riggan (Hobert's daughter), Tracy Riggan and Jeremy Riggan in front of mother Barbara.  

Hobert's brother Robert HAYDON Yancey and wife Verniece Harris Yancey
 when they came to visit my grandparents at Brewster, WA in the late 1980's.
Haydon is the one who just passed away recently at West Plains, MO.  He was 86.  


Barbara Yancey with great-aunt Agnes Yancey (wife of Raymond Yancey son of William H.)
 and mother Vernene Webb Yancey on visit to nursing home at Calico Rock, Arkansas Aug. 1985.  


My mother Barbara Yancey Riggan with her uncle Brady Yancey's wife Venita Campbell Yancey
 and my grandmother Vernene Webb Yancey at Yancey/McVey family reunion, Chelan, WA 1988.  

(Back row L-R)  Kirby Brown (Tracy's husband), Mike Riggan, Steve Riggan (myself), James Riggan (my dad), Jeremy Riggan
(Front row L-R) Tracy Riggan Brown holding daughter Shaylee, James D. Brown, Colton Brown, Barbara Yancey Riggan (my mom), and Cari S. Fare Riggan (Jeremy's wife


Hobert and Vernene Yancey


The picture of the family as adults are L-R:  (back row) Barbara, Perlene, Dale, Geneice, Charlotte, and Joy.
 (front) Hobert and Vernene Yancey.  


The 1957 picture identities are L-R:  
(back) Hobert Yancey, Vernene Webb Yancey holding infant son Hobert Dale,
Perlene, Geneice.  (front row) Barbara (my mother), Joy and Charlotte.  

 My grandparents Hobert and Vernene Yancey.  


 My grandparents Hobert and Vernene.  


Hobert Yancey with his uncle William SHELBY Yancey Aug. 1985 Oxford, Izard Co., Ark.  
Shelby was the youngest son of William H. and Sarah Jane Porterfield Yancey.  

Maxey Yancey's 2 daughters-in-law Vernene Webb Yancey and Epper Dockins Yancey
(wife of son Joseph ELDON Yancey), Maxey's granddaughter Barbara Yancey Riggan (my mom),
and Maxey's sister Esther Yancey McVey.  This picture was taken at the McVey family reunion
at Brockwell, Izard Co., Arkansas in Aug. 1985.  



My mom Barbara with her great-aunt Esther Yancey McVey and my grandfather
Hobert Yancey (Esther's nephew) and grandmother Vernene Webb Yancey, Oxford, Izard Co., Ark. Aug. 1985



Esther Yancey McVey with great-niece Barbara Yancey Riggan and Barbara's son Steve Riggan,
 Oxford, Ark. Aug. 1985.  This was right after my senior graduation and we made a trip from
 Texas to Arkansas with my grandparents to see our older family members.  



This is my great grandfather Maxey Yancey with his second wife Verna Dillard Ducker.
 She married Grandpa in later years and they were married about 33 years until her
 death in 1974 when I was 5 years old.  He died in 1978.  


Maxey Yancey with his children on a visit to Wenatchee, WA about 1948.  
(front row L-R) Maxey Yancey, gap for an insert of his dead wife Ethel McVey which was put in later, Austin Yancey, Nellie Yancey Verner Southwick, Eldon Yancey, Dovie Frances Yancey Syring, and Robert Haydon Yancey.  
(Back row L-R) Hobert A. Yancey (my grandfather), Brady H. Yancey, Remmel W. Yancey, William Dale Yancey, and George W. Yancey.  


Grandpa's dad Maxey Yancey with brothers and an in-law:
 L-R  Shelby Yancey, Raymond Yancey, Houston Yancey, Earl McVey (husband of sister Esther McVey),
Reuben Yancey, Alvey Yancey, and Maxey Yancey (great grandfather).


Hobert Yancey and sister Dovie Yancey Syring at the time taken at Entiat, WA near Wenatchee in the 1940's or 50's.  


Aunt Dovie and Uncle Woody, Wenatchee, WA in 2008.
 Not to be confused with Dovie Yancey Hopfinger from the Texas family :)


Picture from the Yancey and McVey family reunion held at Dovie Yancey Syring Overman's home near Chelan, WA in 1988.  L-R in picture:
my grandfather's sisters Nellie Yancey Verner Southwick, first cousin Marvin Yancey from Yakima, WA (son of Maxey's 1/2 brother Elbert "Eb" Yancey), and Dovie Frances Yancey Syring Overman.  Both my great aunts in this picture were married twice.  They outlived their husbands. . Dovie by only one week exactly her second husband Woody Overman.  


Austin and Essie Clark Yancey, wedding anniversary picture with their family Wenatchee, WA in the mid-1980's.  I don't know who any of the family with them are.  They are the oldest couple in the middle. . he's bald. . one of our notable Yancey traits!  Aunt Essie wore the pink dress and Uncle Austin had the sport coat on.  :)