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Yancey Medearis Hicks Family Reunion
Descendants of David & Rachel Medearis Yancey of Texas.
June 14, 2014
 Point Church of Christ, Point, Texas

  Yancey - Medearis  Hicks  Family  Reunion  2014

 To all the Yancey Medearis Hicks Family,

 I am writing you to let you know that this year's reunion will beheld on June 14, 2014 at the Point Church of Christ recreation room in

Point, Tx. The Church is located on the  corner of Hwy. 69 and FM 47 Going south from Greenville, you will turn left onto FM Rd 47 and the Church will be on the right. If you are coming from Emory, you will take a right onto FM Rd 47. Point ,Tx. is approx. 20 miles from Greenville and 6 miles from  Emory. The Church's website is:  pointchurchofchrist.org.Time will be from 10:00 am to 5:00pm. There will be a pot luck lunch or you can bring a sack lunch,Coffee and tea will be provided at the Church.

We meet every 2nd weekend in June with pictures, books,and stories of the past. Please bring your favorite things to share with all of us. Our goal this year is to have each family represented by someone.We encourage everyone to dig out the old pictures and make copies to show  who your Great ancestors were..We also bring in pictures of those whom we do not know. It seems like there is always someone at the reunion that has the same picture or post card. Letters are also interesting to show becausethey let us know where our ancestors lived at the time.

I sure hope to see you this year at the reunion. If you are unable to come, PLEASE send any information that you might have so that we caninclude it in our day. If there is anyone you know of that needs to be added to our email list or on our mailing list, please send their information to me as well. If you would like to contribute anything to the newsletter that we will be passed out at the reunion, please contact Beryl at

berylbutler@cawb.com or call her at 903-217-3262  / 903-455-3895.

      My name is Aven Lacy Roundtree and I am a descendant of David Yancey Jr. and Margaret Emmaline Woodward. Their daughter was Olivia Yancey Lacy ( my grandmother) and my dad was her son, L.G. Lacy. I  have been attending these event since I was 8 months old!