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DATED: 1784
PROVED: 1784

In the name of God, Amen, I LEWIS YANCEY, of the county of Culpeper being sick and weak but of perfect sense and memory, knowing the uncertainty of mortal life, I do make this my last will and testament. First, I bequeath my soul unto the Divine Author, praying for mercy, through the merits of a crucified redeemer. My body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter named, and as to worldly goods it has pleased God to bless me with, I dispose of the same in manner following:

I give to my beloved daughter WINIFRED the wife of THOMAS YANCEY, one negro woman, Alice and her increase to her and her heirs forever, which said negro and increase is now in the possession of the said THOMAS YANCEY.

I give to my beloved daughter ISABELLA, the wife of LEWIS TUTT, and her heirs, one negro girl, Judy now in the possession of LEWIS TUTT.

I give to my beloved daughter HENRIETTA, the wife of HANSFORD TUTT, one negro boy, Primus, one feather bed and furniture, a half dozen knives and forks, half dozen pewter plates and dish, one cow and calf, one sow and pigs to her and her heirs forever.

I lend to my beloved wife HENRIETTA, during her natural life, all my lands and plantation to raise my younger children on and after her decease, I give the same to be equally divided between my two sons, GEORGE and BIRKETT GARLAND, in quantity and quality, to them and theirs forever.

I give to each of my daughters to wit, LUCY, ELEANOR, and NANCY as they respectively come of age or marry, one feather bed and furniture, half a dozen knives and forks, half a dozen pewter plates, one cow and calf and one sow and pigs.

I leave to my beloved wife during her lifetime the following slaves: David, Sharps, Esther, and Robin and after her decease, I give the said slaves and their increase to be equally divided between my two sons GEORGE and BIRKETT GARLAND.

It is my will and desire that all my slaves except the boy given to HENRIETTA TUTT, should be kept together for the term of three years

after my deceased for the general support of my children, after which time I give to my three daughters to wit, LUCY, ELEANOR and NANCY & to their legal heirs, the following slaves: to wit, Samuel, Frederick, and Stephen to be equally divided between them.

It is my will and desire that my horse, Alexander, be sold by my executors at eighteen months credit and that the money arising from the sale, after paying such debts as my crop may fall short of, if any, be equally divided between all my children.

The rest of the residue of my estate I lend to my beloved wife during her natural life and after her decease I give the same equally divided between my two sons, GEORGE and BIRKETT GARLAND.

Lastly, I appoint my loving wife, HENRIETTA, my brother RICHARD YANCEY and my son-in-law, LEWIS TUTT, executors of this my last will revoking all wills heretofore made. In testimony whereas I have hereto set my hand and seal this sixth day of October 1784.


Signed, sealed and published and declared by the said LEWIS YANCEY, his last will and testament in presence of:




At a court held for Culpeper County the 18th day of October, 1784, this last will and testament of LEWIS YANCEY, deceased was exhibited to the court by RICHARD YANCEY and LEWIS TUTT, two of the executors therein named and was proven by the oaths of JAMES PENDLETON and BUSHROD DOGGETT, and GABRIEL TUTT, witnesses thereof and ordered to be recorded. And on the notion of the said executors certificate is granted them for obtaining probate thereof in due form, they having made oath thereof and given bond of security according to law, liberty being reserved for the executrix therein named to qualify when she may think fit.





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