Yancey Family Adoption records

Adopted child(ren)Birth Biological ParentsAdoptive ParentsNotesLink
Bobby Joe YanceyLink
Brenda YanceyJack Charles Yancey &  Freddie Lee Wilson (Atlanta, GA)Link
David Preston Yancey1980'sJulene L. Smith (Oklahoma)Yancey?Link
Gary LynnRita Fae YancyLink
Heather D Yancey1950'sLink
Rick YanceyQuillian & Norma Yancey (Florida)Rick Yancey - noted author.Link
Richard YanceyMiss GowinLink
Richard / JohnTerry Randolph YanceyCrews?Link
Robert E Yancey1980'sUnknown (Virginia)Yancey?Link
Robin Remington Yancey1984of MissouriLink
Shana Love YanceyPeggy Sue Bolton/ Hilton HooiserYancey?Link
Sheryl Lee YanceyUnknown (California?)Link

* Note:  Out of respect for those involved - in mst cases I will not post information here for living persons - unless such information is already freely availabe on the Internet.